Top Reasons to Opt for Aakash NEET Mock Tests

As a medical student, you must know by now that – practice is the key to success when it comes to the NEET examination. Studying formulas and concepts will not ensure your success in these exams unless a good amount of time is spent on practising them. With the competition getting stiff every year, it’s imperative to practice well before appearing for the exam.

NEET mock tests are derived only after a thorough analysis of the NEET exam syllabus, previous year question papers, difficulty level, the time required to answer each question, repetition of questions if any, etc. Hence, attempting mock tests can really help students gauge their true potential.

Aakash NEET Mock Tests

Top 4 Reasons Why Mock Tests are Extremely Important:

Improves Confidence: Stress, anxiety, or nervousness can result in affecting a student’s memory. Many students tend to go blank even though they’ve prepared well for the exam. But, students can overcome this challenge by familiarizing themselves with the exam pattern through Aakash NEET mock tests.

Helps Identify Strengths and Weaknesses: Since mock tests are similar to the actual exams, students will not only understand their strengths and weaknesses but also get a clear idea of what to expect in the exam, its difficulty level, and question paper pattern.

Time Management: Solving Aakash NEET mock tests every day can help students determine how fast or slow they are in particular sections. This will not only help them determine the amount of time required for each section, but it will also teach them to manage time efficiently during the exam. Thus, ensuring that ample time is provided for all sections.

Learn New Techniques: Mock tests can help students learn advanced techniques. Every mock test attempted helps students in improving their performance further. Hence, when students treat mock tests as real exams, then they will perform even better in the actual exam.


Aakash employs highly qualified, experienced faculty with a legacy of 32+ years in guiding toppers. Since the interface mirrors NTA exams, it provides an authentic experience. Thus, helping students prepare accurately for their exams. For more information on NEET mock tests, visit Aakash BYJU’S.

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