Choosing the Right Helmet while Riding

All of us know that helmet is one of the most important gears while riding and many people have adapted this for their safety when riding, while few wear a helmet just for the sake of cops.

Even the Government is implementing many rules to make it mandatory to wear a helmet while riding. But we as citizens are not worried about this and thus wear a low-quality helmet to avoid the fine.

Everything looks better from the inside of a  motorcycle helmet

There are a lot of options available to the customers while buying a helmet and the range starts from ₹800 to ₹1 Lakh (I’m talking only about the ISI & DOT certified helmets) But I have seen many people wearing an uncertified ISI helmet from the range of Rs 100-350 just to avoid cops while not being concerned about their own safety. After giving a lot of advice to my close friends and my loved ones (this includes my dad), they are still not ready to invest in a good quality ISI certified helmet.

Apart from this, people use half helmets for riding where they buy a certified ISI helmet but don’t know the disadvantage of it. It covers only the part of the head and does not give any safety to their face when they crash or meet with an accident.

motorcycle helmet

Rule the road but first wear the Crown

Recently, I had been to a car wash and saw three others waiting to get their car wash done and so I just parked my car and went to a nearby bakery to have a coke, while I was enjoying my coke I turned towards the road and started to observe people who were traveling and suddenly a lady and her daughter met with an accident with a car that was trying to overtake a bus. I immediately rushed towards the scene to help them.

The daughter was fine and walked out with a few scratches on her leg and hand. Then we both started to help her mother where she was unconscious. When I opened her helmet (she was wearing a half helmet) I saw blood clot on her left cheek, the first point of impact was her face when she fell on the ground. Her daughter burst into tears after seeing the injury where her face was completely injured and then the locals helped them to reach a nearby hospital. Then a thought popped up, she would have walked out without a scratch had she worn a full helmet and I couldn’t stop agreeing to that.

A good helmet on your head will keep you away from the hospital bed

A good helmet on your head

Another incident that comes to my mind is of a friend of mine who witnessed a hit and run case where the onlookers helped her move to a nearby hospital. After inspecting, the doctor told her that she had five blood clots in her head; her cheekbone was broken for which she had to undergo a surgery.  After wearing an ISI certified helmet she had all these major injuries in the head and now you may wonder how this happened even after wearing a helmet. The answer is quite simple she was wearing a half‑ face helmet and after crashing her first point of contact was the head, where the helmet did not provide any kind of safety to her.

When people are spending so much on all kinds of branded clothes, shoes, mobile, etc., why can’t they buy a safe helmet from a good brand? My only request to all of you is to invest money in good quality ISI certified full-face helmet and keep yourself safe.

Manavi Kapur

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