Cheapest Cars in Pune, Maharashtra

More Indians are preferring to buy used cars for a variety of reasons; budget-friendly, trustworthy used‑car sellers like CARS24, huge inventory of refurbished and well-maintained cars, etc. There is an exhaustive inventory of second-hand cheapest cars in the used car market you could buy from CARS24 Pune.

5 used cars you could own in Pune for well under 5 lakhs in 2022

Maruti Alto

Maruti Alto is one of the cheapest cars on the list you could own under 5 lakhs. You could opt for CNG and petrol variants of the car. This car has 177-litre boot space with only manual transmission available. The 3-cylinder petrol model could deliver 69 Nm of torque and 47 Ps of power which makes this an ideal vehicle for the everyday commute. The mileage you could get from this vehicle is 22.05 km per litre. Five people could comfortably sit in this car.

Renault Kwid

This vehicle has several variants and each of them has a petrol engine. You could opt for either an automatic or manual variant. The manual option comes with a 5-speed transmission system. The car has 54 Ps of power and 72 Nm of torque respectively. The car could offer a mileage of 22.3 km per litre. You could own this car easily for well under 5 lakhs if you reach out to CARS24 Pune.

Hyundai Santro

This car is never behind when speaking about cars under a specific budget. Santro comes with four unique variants such as Magna, Asta, Era and Sportz. The Sportz and Magna options offer a CNG engine variant. They also provide an automatic transmission option. When it comes to a manual transmission, there is a 5-speed gearbox that is fitted to the vehicle which leads to good handling and impressive control. The mileage offered is 20.3 km per litre. This car falls under the list of cheapest cars and could be owned for well under 5 lakhs from CARS24 based on model, condition and various other factors.

Maruti Wagon R

Wagon R could be an ideal choice if you are planning to look for automatic cars in India for under 5 lakhs. It is available in CNG and petrol variants even though the petrol variant is more popular. This three-cylinder 1.0-litre petrol engine could bring out 68 Ps of power along with 90 Nm of torque. The mileage you could get is 21.79 km per litre. The seating capacity of one of the cheapest cars, Wagon R is for five people and this is available for well under 5 lakhs from CARS24 Pune.

Tata Tiago

Tata Tiago is the next car you could find among the cheapest cars under 5 lakhs. A boot space of impressive 242 litres and various other features come in with this vehicle. This car comes with a petrol engine and could produce 84.48 bhp and 113 Nm of torque. The mileage you could get is around 23.84 km per litre. Five people could comfortably sit in this car.  CARS24 Pune has a good inventory of this car under 5 lakhs based on model, condition and various other factors.  

Conclusion – About CARS24

CARS24 is India’s largest used car buying e-commerce platform that provides the most transparent and value-for-money experience for car buyers. The buyer, as well as the seller, would be going through a hassle-free, quick, easy, transparent and fair process.

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