Can You Prepare for GMAT in 3 Months?

This article discusses whether you can cover the GMAT syllabus in 3 months or less, with details about BYJU’s GMAT course as the ideal choice for your coaching needs. Continue reading to find out more. 

What’s the dream of every B-school aspirant? It’s to score 700+ in the GMAT and gain admissions to some of the most reputable business and management institutions across the world. However, the Graduate Management Admission Test or the GMAT isn’t an easy exam to crack, as only 6% of all candidates score that high, on average, which brings us to some of the biggest FAQs:

Can You Crack GMAT in 3 Months of Preparation?

Although it may sound a bit difficult, it’s not impossible to score high on the GMAT with a 3-month prep plan. Especially with a strategic roadmap devised in the BYJU’s GMAT course for 90 days, it has become a lot easier. Besides, statistics have also concluded that the ideal timeline to study for this examination is three months.  

Who Should Prepare For GMAT in 3 Months?

As we’ve discussed, if you’re a student or beginner professional who wants to pursue a higher career in business and management, it’s best to appear for the GMAT. If you’re someone who is at least familiar with the basic and intermediate concepts, three months is an ideal timeline to follow to avoid stress and raise your morale.

However, it’s equally important to train under the best faculty and coaching if you’re aiming to achieve the 3-month goal – and that’s exactly where the BYJU’s GMAT course comes into the picture.

BYJU’s Careerlabs GMAT Course – Overview & Benefits

BYJU’s and Careerlabs have collaboratively introduced a one-of-a-kind GMAT course that helps students and young professionals score 700+ with a strategic coaching plan and resources. If you’re looking for the best coaching without burning a hole in your pocket, BYJU’s is your safest bet. 

Here are some core features of the course that you should know about:

Endless Hours of Lecture Sessions

With BYJU’s GMAT course, you get access to more than 150 hours of verbal and quant lectures that come packed in a personalized tablet. It also enables you to live webinars and instant query solutions by their faculty.

Best Teaching Faculty & Tools

This course is designed and led by GMAT toppers and ISB alumni and features a Diagnostic Toolkit Software. This tool helps you find out the areas you need to study more to strengthen, which makes your revision twice as efficient.

Mock Exams and Model Questions

You can also appear for 13+ mock examinations while training under BYJU’s GMAT course, which gives you a better and more realistic experience of the actual test. Besides, you also get more than 3500+ practice question papers with video-recorded solutions to boost your preps.

Overall, BYJU’s GMAT course fits the description of the best coaching alternative, if you have a 3-month prep plan in mind. Click here to learn more about course details, fees, and admissions.

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