CARS24 Takes Pre-Owned Car Trading Experience Completely Online

CARS24, a leading e-commerce platform for pre-owned automobiles, is set to transform the trading of used automobiles by putting the entire process online. The aim for the brand through this strategy is to prioritize clicks over bricks culture in India.

CARS24 will be offering benefits like a 7-day return policy – no questions asked, free home delivery, and 6‑ month warranty, just like purchasing any other product online.

Wide  Choice of Cars

The customers can choose from a wide assortment of over 10,000 used vehicles. They are supplied with a huge selection of cars, which allows them to purchase their preferred model, preferred color, and in the preferred condition, they want instead of being forced to choose a product that is substandard. Also, their technology-enabled catalogs and transparent pricing enables buyers to go through thousands of vehicles and choose the one that meets their requirements.

Cars as Good as New

CARS24 completely owns thousands of cars. It uses its state-of-the-art workshop to recondition them to ensure that they are almost in mint condition before putting them up for sale. To ensure that their customers can own good quality cars, CARS24 has invested enormously in refurbishment centers. The brand plans to set up 7 refurbishment facilities in top Indian metro cities across 50 acres of land by the end of 2021. As per estimation, they will be refurbishing around 20,000 cars on a monthly basis, which will allow them to fulfill their promise – to deliver high-quality customer satisfaction and experience.

While sharing his thoughts on this new proposition, Vikram Chopra – Co-Founder & CEO of CARS24 quoted “The widely accepted process of buying a car is outdated, tedious and tiresome, and definitely not fit for today’s consumers. The future of car buying is entirely online as it allows the buyers to buy what they like, and what they like is what they get on CARS24. To close the trust gap, we now equip our consumers with a no-questions-asked 7-day return on the car. Our customers love the proposition and hence, our online sales are growing rapidly. We look forward to continuing our mission of delivering the best car buying experience for consumers by providing better selection, quality, transparency, convenience, and peace of mind making it no different to buying any other product online today.”

CARS24 Takes Pre-Owned Car Trading Experience Completely Online

Customer-Centric Business Model

CARS24 has considerably been investing in technology to transform the way customers purchase vehicles. With huge investments in cataloging cars, it allows buyers to make choices. Keeping its customers in mind, CARS24 makes sure that the vehicles listed on its platform for sale go through 140 points of inspection. It also provides customized financing options, contactless video KYC, and real-time loan processing. Buyers can browse through high-quality images with a 360-degree view all the while indulging in an immersive experience at their convenience.

CARS24 has been able to sell more than 5000 cars to date from the time it launched its new business model.  Let us know what you think about the new business model in the comments section below.


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