Buying A Used Car — Why Does Everyone Recommend Toyota Or Honda?

Are you searching the market for a certified, value for money used car in India? Focus on these two brands — Honda and Toyota.

The Indian four-wheeler market isn’t a stranger to the legacy of Japanese engineering. However, brands like Toyota and Honda have always set a new benchmark for reliability with every model. The best part yet? These two brands offer what Indian car buyers need like a toddler needs their candy — the best value for every penny spent.

That said, let’s discuss how and why Honda and Toyota cars are your best bets while buying a pre‑used four-wheeler in India:

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Honda or Toyota

Many used car selling/buying platforms like CARS24 are noticing a major spike in demand for Honda/Toyota models — why so? Let’s find out why buyers consider these two Japanese brands as the best in their respective segments:

  • More Durable than Its Competitors

How many old Honda/Toyota cars do you see on the road every day? Quite a lot, isn’t it? That’s because these cars are built to last over 200,000 kilometers easily. Various studies have also shown that 80% of Toyota models sold over 20 years ago are still in working condition. If you’re in the market to buy a durable used car, go for Honda and Toyota models.

  • Thrice As Fuel-Efficient

The skyrocketing fuel prices are making day-to-day traveling harder for vehicle owners. Right now, those who own cars that offer the best mileage are the real winners. Well, good news — Honda and Toyota cars are globally renowned for their best-in-class average fuel economy. You could hit the jackpot with one of their well-maintained, pre-used hatchbacks!

  • Safety at Its Best

Indian buyers consider passenger safety the most while buying vehicles, be it brand-new or a used car. Thankfully, the Honda Accord is best known for its safety features, including HST (Honda Sensing Technology) and similar driver-assist features. Besides, the Toyota Etios also comes with a 4-star NCAP rating, making it a very safe car to drive on any road. 

  • High Resale Value

This one goes without saying — Japanese cars usually have a much higher resale value than local-made vehicles in our market. So even if you plan to upgrade to a brand-new car after a few years, selling a Honda/Toyota used car, you will still be fine.

Toyota used car in India

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