Worried about JEE? The BYJU’s JEE course might be all that you need

The JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is the gateway to the top-rated engineering colleges in India – the IITs and NITs – with over 12 lakh applying annually. The BYJU’s JEE course was thus created as a simple and effective way of providing JEE-level education to the students.

Why BYJU’s for JEE exams?

Well, it’s easy to answer that. The BYJU’s JEE course was specifically designed to help students stay organized with studies over a long period. One of the best parts is that BYJU’s found a way to customize all its study materials according to the needs of individual students. It has also made it accessible from anywhere across the globe through its innovative tablet learning program. 

Is this course reliable? Of course; it has 8 million subscribers across all platforms and happens to be the first Asian company to have been invested in by the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative.

Some Remarkable Features of the BYJU’s JEE Tab Learning Course

  • Unique Learning Methods

All of us have been students at some point and know exactly how ineffective conventional methods of learning are. The BYJU’s JEE course has changed that and made use of the fact that we naturally remember audio-visual content for longer. 3D animated videos have also been developed for this course which makes learning interesting.

  • Practice Through Mock Papers

BYJU’s boasts a lengthy collection of previous years’ and mock papers for students to practice on. These papers are created according to the original difficulty level and structure of the JEE exam. This means that students can easily assess their weak areas and dedicate more time to those. Additionally, similar difficulty and length as the actual exam mean students can do timed practices of answering the entire paper.

  • Constant Evaluations

The BYJU’s JEE course makes heavy use of technology and removes many difficulties faced by students due to conventional teaching methods. The tablet program offers novel features like adaptive learning. It helps students to clear their concepts according to their specific needs. In short, it adapts the difficulty of the lessons according to the student’s performance. Once they start performing well at the current difficulty, it is increased. Otherwise, it is decreased if a student underperforms.

  • Mentor Support

Finally, even with all the technological help, the human touch cannot be ignored. BYJU’s JEE course makes use of a dedicated team of mentors they have – which has grown over the last 10 years. Many programs on the BYJU’s app offer a ‘two-teacher advantage’ – one takes classes while the other clears doubts. For JEE, they offer interactions with experts and a personal online teacher for doubt clearing sessions.

Worried about JEE Course


Here, we need to go back to the question we asked earlier – Why BYJU’s for the JEE exam? Now, isn’t it obvious? The features mentioned above are all exclusively designed for BYJU’s JEE course – and have been perfected over 10 years. The course is comprehensive and can singlehandedly prepare one for JEE exams, given sufficient time.

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