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Thinking of selling your used car through an advertisement in the classified section of the newspaper? Well, if you’re unlucky it could go from anywhere between a few hours to never! Whatever the reason, be it trading for a new set of wheels or looking out for more eco-friendly options – CARS24, the online used cars marketplace is the best place to sell your car.

Things to Consider While Selling Your Car

Car Value: How much the buyer is ready to offer depends upon mileage, condition, and other factors of the car. CARS24 with the help of its algorithm offers an accurate and realistic resale value on used cars. It also ensures that the amount is credited to the sellers as soon as their car is sold.

Paperwork: As essential as paperwork is, dealing with it alone can prove to be a tedious task. But, CARS24 handles all the paperwork needed to get RC (Registration Certificate) transferred free of cost. Also, they protect sellers under the CARS24 seller protection policy until RC transfer is complete.

Inspection: An inspection ensures that the vehicle works fine before giving it for a test drive. But, taking it to the mechanic may involve additional expenses. CARS24 offers vehicle inspection (140 different aspects are checked in each car) free of cost and they thoroughly examine important aspects like transmission, steering mechanism, brakes, electricals, etc.

Cosmetic Checks: A clean and shiny car can help sellers get a good price on the car. CARS24 performs necessary refurbishments to meet quality standards to give your vehicle a fresh, appealing look.

The CARS24 Advantage

The CARS24 Advantage

  • CARS24 provides a technology-enabled catalogue and transparent pricing.
  • It allows you to sell your vehicle in just 1 hour directly from your house or at CARS24.
  • It offers the best prices based on the online auction.
  • It offers a 6 months free warranty.
  • It provides instant payment to your bank account.
  • It provides free RC transfer services.
  • Cars that are put on sale at CARS24 go through a 140-points inspection.
  • CARS24 fully owns and refurbishes cars before putting them up for sale.

Steps to Sell Your Car Through CARS24

  1. Enter the details of your car to get an estimated selling price.
  2. Book an appointment at your nearest CARS24 branch or at home for vehicle inspection.
  3. Get paid instantly with the best price through the CARS24 online auction.

Ready to sell your car? Visit CARS24 today!


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