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New Car Vs Used Car

Purchasing a car is not an easy decision. Especially, if you have to choose between buying a new car and a used car. Sure, the new car is equipped with the latest technology, but it is bound to be more expensive. Owning a used car may involve inspections and tiresome procedures. But, with CARS24 you need not worry about all that. At CARS24, cars put up for sale have been thoroughly inspected, refurbished, and the documentation and loan processing is hassle-free.

Let’s Check Out the Differences Between Purchasing a New Car Vs Used Car

  • Depreciation: A few kilometres on the ODO (odometer) of the new car results in 20-25% depreciation. But, a pre-owned one is already sold at a depreciated value. With good maintenance, you can resell it in a year for almost the same price. At CARS24, you can buy competitively-priced pre-owned cars from sellers who have sparingly used the car or have only used the car for 6 months, etc.
  • Cost-effective: Most cars are equipped with standard features like airbags, parking sensors, blue tooth connectivity, etc. but, sometimes used cars are equipped with additional features like amplifiers, leather seats, infotainment, reverse camera, etc. installed by previous owners. Hence it is smart to opt for a pre-owned vehicle at a lower cost with additional features.
  • Insurance: The cost of insurance is cheaper on a pre-owned car. Because the Insured Declared Value of a used car affects the premium amount. A reduced IDV due to depreciation results in lower insurance premium.
  • Warranty: Sometimes used cars are sold with the original warranty provided by the manufacturer which can be transferred with ownership. CARS24 refurbishes and provides 6 months of free warranty to cover unforeseen maintenance costs.
New Car Vs Used Car

Benefits Of Purchasing Used Cars from CARS24

The growth of the pre-owned car industry has brought about several benefits which have changed the mindset of buyers. Let’s explore some benefits offered by CARS24.

  • CARS24 provides a technology-enabled catalogue and transparent pricing.
  • It allows you to sell your vehicle in just 1 hour directly from your house or at CARS24.
  • It offers the best prices based on the online auction.
  • It offers a 6 months free warranty.
  • It provides instant payment to your bank account.
  • It provides free RC transfer services.
  • Cars that are put on sale at CARS24 go through a 140-points inspection.
  • CARS24 fully owns and refurbishes cars before putting them up for sale.

Buying a pre-owned car is just a click away visit CARS24 today!


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