PRANAYAMA- The Art of Breathing Right

PRANAYAMA– The Art of Breathing Right.

Life is pretty easy.  Breathe in and breathe out, then repeat.

All it takes is a few minutes of your day!  Sit in a comfortable position preferably outdoors, or at a window with a view.  Close your eyes, focus on breathing, slowly breathe in and then slowly breathe out.  That’s it‼

Regular practice of pranayama can completely change the quality of your life.

PRANAYAMA- The Art of Breathing Right


  • Creates calmness in the mind and stillness in the body and soul.
  • Immensely improves lung capacity.
  • Makes one energetic, enthusiastic, calmer, and positive.
  • Helps you take better decisions and gives you the mental strength to deal with the challenges of life.

Practicing Pranayama:

  • Should be ideally done in the mornings or evenings in a clean, well-ventilated, neat, and distraction‑free place.
  • About 15 minutes a day of pranayama is good enough
  • Should be done on an empty stomach (at least 4 hours after any meal)
Practicing Pranayama

Let us have a look at 6 different types of pranayamas that can be practiced daily

When the breath wanders, the mind also is unsteady

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Surya Bheda Pranayama

Surya Bheda Pranayama is a very effective and important pranayama mentioned in hath yoga. The meaning of “surya” is sun and “bhedana” is piercing or breaking through something. In this process, we use our right nadi (nostril) to breathe in and left nostril to breathe out.

Chandra Bheda Pranayama

Chandra is the moon and bhedana means passing through. It’s just the opposite of surya bhedi and it activates the Ida nadi that is associated with the cooling aspect of the autonomous nervous system. These are larger nostrils that hold the balance of energy created by the sun and the moon and their magnetism. They travel from the base of the spine to the point between the eyebrows.

Sheethali Pranayama

Sheethali Pranayama is also known as intake of cool breath, it’s a way of delivering gentle cooling energy to the deep tissues of the body. The word “sheethali” means ‘cold’ or ‘frigid’ in Sanskrit. The practice of sheetali pranayama helps us with digestion, keeps us cool during hot weather conditions, helps us maintain calmness even in stressful situations,  and gives us relief from the prolonged exposure to sunlight.   

Nadi Shodana Pranayama

It is also called as anulom vilom pranayama. A breathing technique that helps us to clear the blocked energy channels in our body.  It prepares our mind to enter the meditative state. It helps in releasing tension and fatigue.  Practicing nadi shodhana pranayama every day helps to keep our mind calm, happy, and peaceful.

Bhastrika Pranayama

Any sort of physical exercise we do, our body demands a lot of oxygen, but when u do bhastrika pranayama you pump the excess quantity of oxygen even without the body not asking for it. It’s a rapid process of inhalation and exhalation which brings in more energy into our body.  It’s also called the yogic breath of fire.

Kapalbathi Pranayama

Kapalbathi Pranayama is a form of cleansing and removing toxic air and toxins from our body. Regular practice helps in reducing belly fat. We forcefully exhale out the air. It is said that kapalbhathi has various distinct mental physical and spiritual benefits.

Spare 15 minutes every day for yourself practicing the simple pranayama ( breathing exercises) I have shared with you.  I am sure you will love the change that you see within yourself.


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