How Darshan Thoogudeepa Celebrates his Birthday?

Challenging Star Darshan enjoys one of the biggest fandoms in the Kannada Film Industry. His birthday is a huge event for his fans, who never fail to amaze the star with surprises. Despite all the craze around him, the actor remains grounded and connected with his fans.

Darshan’s Birthday Celebrations Over the Years:

Darshan celebrates his birthday with his fans every year at his residence. He hosts a public gathering where he meets and greets his fans and cuts cakes with them.

Social Activities During Darshan’s Birthday:

Social service is something Darshan has been doing for years. He even said openly at an interview, “All I wish to do, is help people as long as I can”. He has also been inspiring his fans to do social service activities.

2018 was a year Darshan had lost his dearest mentor from the industry, Rebel Star Ambareesh. Following this incident, he made a statement and requested his fans not to celebrate his birthday with cakes and gifts in the coming year, 2019. Instead, he asked his fans to donate food to the Siddaganga Mutt. Reportedly, Darshan himself transported the goods from his residence to the mutt.

Challenging Star Darshan Birthday Celebration With Fans

Birthday Celebrations with Fans:

On the event of Darshan’s 43rd birthday in 2020, hundreds of thousands of fans streamed outside his Rajarajeshwari Nagar house from evening to wish the actor at midnight. Darshan welcomed, greeted all his fans waiting in long queues for hours together, celebrated his birthday with them, and accepted their gifts and cakes. The locality got so crowded in the night that the organizers had to call the police to control the situation.

Last year, Darshan had advised his fans not to celebrate his birthday during live interaction in January. He urged people to keep their money for themselves and their near and dear ones, rather than spending it on his birthday celebration. Considering that it was a challenging year for everyone in 2020, it would be right if they donated their hard-earned money to a good cause. Nevertheless, the trailer of Roberrt was released on that day in both Kannada and Telugu versions, which made his fans’ day.

This year, we are hoping to meet the star and celebrate his 45th birthday next month… We wish Challenging Star Darshan a Very Happy Birthday in Advance!

Btw, have you got the chance to meet and celebrate Darshan’s birthday event? We would love to hear from you… Comment below and let us know.

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