Darshan 3 Best Moments with Fans

Darshan Thoogudeepa, the Indian film actor is known for some of his best works in the Kannada film industry. He has a crazy variety of fanbase, which consists of adults as well as kids belonging to all age groups throughout the country.

Some fans showcase their love for him by creating fan clubs and running charitable trusts in his name, while others ink their body with his name and pictures. The actor is known for his love for farming. In addition to being a wildlife enthusiast, he’s also the brand ambassador of Karnataka’s Forest and Agriculture Departments. He’s considered a role model by many because he’s helped a lot of people financially by supporting them during medical emergencies and funding their children’s education.

Let’s check out some of his best moments with His Fans

When people say that Darshan has a heart of gold, they mean it. One such moment is when he fulfilled the wish of an ailing fan wanting to meet the star. While Darshan was shooting for Roberrt, he took some time from his long schedule and met the young fan, Ratan, who suffered kidney failure recently and had expressed his wish to meet Darshan someday. The Challenging Star not only just met him, but also spent some quality time and shared some lighthearted moments.

Once, on a reality show, a die-hard fan of Darshan was given a chance to go and meet his favorite star on stage. Upon meeting the star, the fan-requested Darshan to name the newborn baby that he held so lovingly in his arms. At first, Thoogudeepa hesitated because the naming process should only be done by the family. He suggested naming the child after his horoscope but the parents insisted Darshan give a name. So, Darshan proposed to name him after Lord Shiva.

Darshan best moments with His Fans

In another instance, thousands of fans gathered outside Darshan’s house to celebrate his birthday with gifts and cakes. He welcomed, greeted all his fans waiting in long queues for hours together, and celebrated his birthday with them. Sometimes, the locality would get so crowded, that it requires an intervention by the cops to handle the situation.

We hope now you know why Darshan, the challenging star is so loved by fans all around the country. Have you got the chance to meet this lovely star and share a moment with him? We and his fans would love to hear from you, so, please share.

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