Relieve The Burden Of Homework With The BYJU’S Homework App

We know how the expressions of students change when they hear the word homework. The reality is that most students don’t like doing homework, because it doesn’t interest them. But doing homework regularly is very important as it has numerous benefits.

Benefits Of Doing Homework

Doing homework helps students in revising and analyzing what they’ve already learned in class. Let’s check out some benefits of doing homework regularly:

  • Students start becoming more responsible for their work.
  • Helps them retain factual knowledge.
  • Students develop problem-solving skills by finding solutions.
  • It helps them develop time management skills.
  • It helps them develop critical thinking skills.
  • It helps teachers track students’ progress
  • Helps them understand the topics better.
  • Help students realize their capabilities.

Why Do Kids Hate Homework?

After studying for 8 hours in school, students get bored and exhausted. Upon reaching home, they want to do something fun that doesn’t require much effort or focus. This is why students don’t complete their homework on time. Finding even a single student who says that they enjoy doing homework is tough.

  • Homework leaves them with very less or no time at all for doing other activities.
  • Boring topics kill their interest in academic subjects.
  • Students feel that they never get a break from school even after coming home.

Students get stuck while finding solutions to their problems, this, in turn, demoralizes them.

How BYJU’S App Helps with Homework

The app focuses on delivering a high-quality learning experience for students. The app also accounts for students’ engagement and interests. It also enhances visual and conceptual learning. Here is a list of reasons – how the app helps with homework:

  • Through the  BYJU’S Homework app, students can clear their doubts instantly without getting stuck.
  • The app provides practice questions that help in improving a student’s performance and build their confidence.
  • The app uses tools to simplify concepts with the help of graphics, videos, and other content. This helps students retain the topics for a long duration.
  • The app helps them review all the topics again with the help of audio-visual elements, this improves their understanding of topics.
How BYJU’S App Helps with Homework

The app has been very beneficial in reducing the burden of homework for students. The use of technology has proven that homework is not just fun but also effective. Thus, BYJU’s Homework app is the best app for reducing the burden of homework.

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