Actor Darshan Raises Donations for Zoos of Karnataka

Actor Darshan’s boundless love for wildlife is known to everybody, especially his fans. The challenging star is also the brand ambassador of Karnataka’s Forest and Agriculture department.  Recently, the actor turned his attention to the welfare of animals in nine zoos across Karnataka and asked for help to save the animals.

The Story Behind this Noble Cause:

On a visit to the Mysore Zoo, Challenging Star Darshan learned the fact that the zoo has been struggling financially. The zoo’s revenue usually comes from zoo visitors (entry tickets) especially during the holidays like Dasara, Deepavali, and summer vacations. Because of COVID social‑distancing restrictions, the zoo was closed to the public and this made things worse.  This directly impacted the zoo and its operations.

Darshan’s Video Appeal to Fans and Followers to Donate and Adopt Zoo Animals:

Darshan Thoogudeepa released a video where he addressed the zoo’s condition. He was seen wearing the Mysore Zoo T-shirt, where he planted saplings and shot a short video spanning two and half minutes. In no time, the video went viral on social media and support started pouring in from all over Karnataka and beyond; the actor himself was very happy with the response he was getting.

Darshan Thoogudeepa

In two days, nearly 35,000 people downloaded the Zoos of Karnataka App to make a donation and adopt animals in order to help and support the zoo following Darshan’s appeal.

The fans and others have donated amounts ranging around Rs 50 to 5,000. Around Rs 43 lakh money was raised in a very short time, showing how much people love this well-known Kannada actor. Darshan acknowledged his fans for their generous support and donations.

Ministry for Forest, Kannada, and Culture Mr. Arvind Limbavali thanked Mr. Darshan for this gesture that resulted in huge donations all over from Karnataka for the betterment of the zoo and adoption of animals. Arvind expressed his gratitude to the actor for his concern towards the wellbeing of the zoo animals. He also thanked everyone who donated money and adopted animals and birds.

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