BYJU’S Young Genius Season 2 Registrations Open

#BYJU’SYoungGenius is back in town and it has already received a staggering number of applications. Here are a few highlights of season 1 and the updates of season 2.

BYJU’S Young Genius; The Best of Season 1:

BYJU’S Young Genius is all about celebrating the stories of youthful geniuses at a national level, and the season 1 of the show did exactly that. Some of the best stories of BYJU’S season 1 are:

The super-fast piano playing prodigy, Lydian Nadhaswaram. Lydian is 15 years old and has a unique talent in music. He can play the Piano at an incredible speed of 190 beats per minute while being blind‑folded.

The world’s farthest limbo skater under bars, Tiluck Keisam. Tiluck is a 13 year old hyper‑flexible skating star who holds the record for limbo skating under bars for 116 meters in just 31.87 seconds.

The ‘Google Girl of India’, Meghali Malabika. Meghali is 14 years old and has an incredible IQ. She is also dubbed as ‘The Human Encyclopedia’ and ‘The Human Atlas’ for her knowledge about different countries.

10 year old Avantika Kambli is a math prodigy. She is the youngest person in the world to attempt the 6-digit square root world record. She also holds two silver medals in 6-digit imperfect square root calculation.

BYJU's Young Genius - Tiluck Keisam

BYJU’S Young Genius Season 2:

The show has received over 7,500 entries within the first two weeks of opening. The social media reach of BYJU’S Young Genius Season 2 has already crossed 2 million impressions.

The show is exclusively for young prodigies in the age group of 6 to 15 from various fields such as performance, arts, coding/robotics/AI, sports, literature, business acumen and entrepreneurship, IQ, academics, influencers, inventors and innovators.

The second edition is set to commence in January 2022 and will be hosted by Anand Narasimhan.

How to participate in BYJU’S Young Genius Season 2:

Do you think your child has an incredible talent to showcase? Then download BYJU’S The Learning App and visit the BYJU’S Young Genius section. Login and register to BYJU’S Young Genius. Enter basic information and your email ID. After successful registration, you will receive an email for the next steps. Upload the necessary documents and a video showcasing your child’s talent to complete your story.

A jury and editorial team will evaluate the story and if you get shortlisted, the NEWS18 team will get in touch with you.

BYJU’S Young Genius Season 2

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