The Kannada upcoming movie Aghora

What lies between death and rebirth? Can we find a scientific answer to this question, or is it completely supernatural? The Kannada upcoming movie Aghora, directed by N S Pramod Raj, has attempted to answer that question. The horror thriller flick has impressed the audience with its nerve-chilling trailer that has already garnered more than 500k views on YouTube.

The movie trailer has given the audience an insight into the movie, which promises to be a roller-coaster ride into the world of spirits and salvation. This promises the audience a heightened sense of sensational experience with many deaths, evil powers, afterlife creatures, and witchcraft.

The horror genre has its own set of fans who crave an adrenaline rush while watching a film, and Aghora delivers on that front. Are you a daredevil who can watch a movie in the theatre and still sleep alone in your room? Well, this new film is going to pose you a big challenge in that quest.

Aghora is going to hit the screens in the third week of February 2022, so be ready for a scary ride into the world of jump scares and shocking revelations. We can experience this thrilling ride through their eyes. V Nagendra Prasad has penned the lyrics and composed the songs, which is the USP of the movie. Mark the dates in your calendar now and go watch the movie at your nearest theatre. If you miss, you will regret it.

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