Six months Down the Line- BYJU’S Education for All

Six months since its initiation, BYJU’S Education for All, an initiative that was started with an aim to empower 5 million students, has thus far made a positive impact on the lives of 1.2 lakh students. The initiative has achieved this success by leveraging technology and with the help of several mission‑aligned partners.

The Impact of BYJU’S Education for All in Six Months

BYJU’S Education for All initiative has paced ahead to make a difference, and on its journey covered 100+ districts across 20 states and helped over 200 schools/community centres. The initiative has distributed over 3000 tablets/smartphones in which 80,000+ deserving students have been given free access to BYJU’S Learning content.

Over 25 like-minded corporates and companies have partnered with BYJU’S on this mission. Some of the notable names on this list are Right to Live, Save the Children, (AIF) American India Foundation, SoS Children’s Villages and Vahdam Tea.

Mansi Kasliwal (VP, Social Initiative at BYJU’S) said that the collaboration and the strengths of all the stake holders is the key to the success of this mission so far.

Additionally, Mansi also mentioned that that BYJU’S Education for All is more than just a reaction to the pandemic, it is a well-thought and long-term mission to ensure that children from the underserved communities have equitable access to quality education.

Mathew Joseph (Country Director, AIF) said that AIF’s partnership with BYJU’S is helping them bridge the digital divide and bring EdTech-based education to the mainstream while also providing equal opportunities to children from socially and economically weaker sections of the society.

Madhavi, a class 6 student from Nashik said that BYJU’S Education For All Initiative has helped her keep learning even when the schools are closed, she also mentioned that learning is fun and easy with BYJU’S.

BYJU’S Give Initiative

BYJU’S and its partners are working towards helping children from marginalised backgrounds by creating hybrid models of education. You too can be a part of this initiative by contributing to the BYJU’S Give Initiative.

You can sign up to donate your old smart phones or touchscreen devices to the BYJU’S Give Initiative and BYJU’S will repurpose and refurbish the device, load it with BYJU’S educational content and provided it to needy children, free of cost.

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