Is EdTech Good or Bad?

EdTech stands for collaboration between Education and Technology. It has helped introduce digitized tools into the field of education and thereby facilitate individualized learning. In today’s modern scenario, the quality of education is being widely questioned – children cannot rely solely on schools to learn and increase their knowledge. The current COVID-19 pandemic has also resulted in irregular conductance of schools which has led to an even poorer quality of education. But EdTech has helped change all of that! This is why, undeniably, reliable EdTech companies such as BYJU’S are highly sought after in today’s global scenario! 

EdTech helps traverse all of the obstacles that traditional teaching faces. What’s more, EdTech companies have helped to redefine teaching by genuinely working to provide students with high-quality learning experiences. But how do companies like BYJU’S, the leading EdTech company in the world, achieve all of this?

Is EdTech is Good or Bad?

Providing access to advanced learning tools:

BYJU’S strives to make learning fun and simple. It utilizes edutainment films, simulations, videos, and interactive games to ensure that students do not get bored during classes – i.e., that they remain engaged and learn lessons through audio-visual examples. These examples are created to provide an in-depth understanding of concepts. Thanks to advanced learning tools that come with BYJU’S, students’ engagement has increased and a love for learning has been instilled. Learning from video formats include the use of animated videos, storytelling videos, or educational movie clips.  In the field of education, the use of technology has created a magnanimous impact and we can offer our thanks to BYJU’S for its great contribution.

Providing a truly personalized learning journey 

At the very core of EdTech lies individualized learning. At school, students have been known to be subject to the same teaching style and hence struggle to reach their maximum potential. This generalized approach results in poor academic performance. BYJU’s, on the other hand, helps facilitate the individualized learning of every student based on their age, pace, preferences, abilities, and interests. They also identify the student’s preferred medium of learning: audio, visual, practical, or textual. This way EdTech has succeeded where traditional teaching has failed – in catering to the needs of each unique child.

Provide equitable access to learning resources

Unfortunately, it is very common that teachers fail to deliver high-quality lessons, which result in the need for after-school tuitions. Together with advanced technology and interactive multimedia, the teachers at BYJU’S offer the best possible coaching to students, which also explains why BYJU’S is in high demand.

Anywhere and anytime

Generally, students have access to school resources only during school hours and within school premises. But that is not the case with BYJU’S. It does not matter where the student is. Whether they are at home or outdoors or traveling, learning remains uninterrupted and at their convenience. There is no need for schedules or physical presence in school or college. In case students have doubts or questions that they need answer answered, BYJU’s can help connect students with the best teachers in India. 

It is only thanks to EdTech that education continues, no matter what calamity befalls mankind.

For your child to experience interactive, uninterrupted, quality education, opt for reliable education technology apps, i.e., BYJU’S learning app, where learning meets fun!

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