How to Prepare for BYJU’S CAT Exam

In India, IIMs conduct the Common Admission Test (CAT) for admission into the most-coveted  management programs. As lakhs of aspirants appear for this prestigious exam and it is highly competitive exam, strategic and smart preparation to ace this.  BYJU’S CAT Exam Preparation is one the best exam prep courses

To prepare fully, you’ll have to begin your preparation early and you must follow a clear CAT preparation strategy. The following CAT exam preparation tips will help you crack the test in your first attempt. So, let’s get started.

Create a Study Plan

Creating a daily study plan that suits your schedule and lifestyle is one of the most crucial BYJU’S CAT exam preparation tips. It would help to invest at least two hours per day in your preparation as you pay attention to your performance.

Ensure you stay disciplined and follow your study plan. Even after clearing your CAT and securing admission to a B School, you are expected to possess these qualities. It is honesty and hard work that makes up an MBA candidate. By being honest with yourself, you can achieve your target score.

Study in Groups

Studying together is one of the best BYJU’S CAT exam preparation tips you can’t ignore. With the right group, you can accomplish anything. Creating a study group to exchange ideas about preparing for a particular topic or dealing with it will help you tremendously. You will share queries and prepare better by discussing problems.

The more coaching members your study group has, the better. Experts will answer your questions to clear your doubts. These groups will allow you to take up mock tests and practice papers and effectively improve your understanding of a topic.

Prepare for the CAT online

You can also participate in the online preparation courses for CAT exam. BYJU’S online CAT preparation is the best way to safely and soundly prepare from home. In addition, you may access the online courses at any time as they are recorded and available on the website at all times.

Work on Your Speed

Getting into IIMs to pursue an MBA is a dream for many candidates. One of their most significant challenges is their speed in tackling the exams.  BYJU’s CAT prep program trains you on just that; take mock tests and improve your speed.

Having a CAT Preparation Strategy will help you pass this exam easily and in one shot.


BYJU’S is India’s #1 Edtech campany. The BYJU’S CAT prep course is a one-stop exam prep solution for all MBA aspirants in IIMs and other prestigious institutions.

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