How to be a Teacher at BYJU’S

How to be a teacher at BYJU’S? Do you have the same question in mind? Here is the answer.

Teachers at BYJU’S are called “Learning and Development Specialists” or “Academic Specialists”. The application process for BYJU’S teaching jobs is completely online.

About BYJU’S and Teacher Jobs at BYJU’S:

BYJU’S is one of the world’s leading EdTech (education technology) companies. It offers learning solutions to kids from kindergarten through Grade-12. BYJU’S is known for its personalized and intuitive learning courses. It also caters its educational services to students appearing for entrance exams, aptitude tests, and government competitive exams.

BYJU’S employees proudly refer to themselves as BYJU-ITES and take pride in being a part of the “Learning Tribe”. As a teacher at BYJU’S, you will be making millions of students fall in love with learning every day. You will be a part of a constant learning process. The pay packages are quite competitive and the role comes packed with various benefits.

Teacher at BYJU’S

Requirements to be a Teacher at BYJU’S:

  • Possess strong subject knowledge in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).
  • Have impeccable communication skills in English, both verbal and written.
  •  Camera facing skills. Be confident and comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Ability to connect theoretical knowledge to practical applications.
  • Be self-driven and possess the ability to learn new concepts and tools.
  • Must possess the ability to multi-task and think creatively.
  • Finally, you must be passionate about making learning easy for students. Bear in mind that BYJU’S is a platform that is working towards democratizing education for students from different backgrounds and of different cognitive abilities.

Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers at BYJU’S:

  • Conducting online classes for students in grades K-12 (kindergarten to 12th) on the learning platform.
  • Teaching and clarifying the online and offline academic queries of the student.
  • Providing error-free systematic solutions to the questions and doubts raised by the students.
  • Help strengthen the understanding of the concepts of the subjects in students.

Application Process for Teachers at BYJU’S:

  • Visit the BYJU’S portal.
  • Read and understand the requirements, roles and responsibilities.
  • Fill in the form on the website.
  • If your application is shortlisted, a team from BYJU’S will get in touch with you to schedule an interview.

Hope this article helps you. For more information visit the BYJU’S website.

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