BYJU’S Offers Coding Curriculum in Cryptocurrency

BYJU’S is all set to offer a coding curriculum in cryptocurrency for kids. The EdTech Company announced this new program just a month after it announced its plans to expand internationally through BYJU’S Future School, which is now available in the US, the UK, Brazil, Indonesia, and Mexico.

Who can enroll in BYJU’S Coding Curriculum in Cryptocurrency?

BYJU’S coding curriculum in cryptocurrency is designed for children between 6-18 years old. Kids are taught about the fundamentals of coding and algorithmic thinking to enable kids to create websites, animations, and apps along with the coding used for cryptocurrency.

Is BYJU’S Coding Curriculum in Cryptocurrency really useful for kids?

While both coding and cryptocurrency are all Greek to most adults, EdTech platforms like BYJU’S believe that coding in general can help kids learn logic, structure, sequence and creative expressions. 

In the long term, coding can be a great way to prepare kids for an increasingly tech-oriented world.

More about BYJU’S Coding Curriculum in Cryptocurrency

BYJU’S coding curriculum will be taught by expert coding educators who are selected after the rigorous 4‑step selection process. All the classes will be taught live 1:1 online and the schedules of the classes will be flexible.

Coding Curriculum in Cryptocurrency

The basic features of the BYJU’S coding classes include:

  • Learn to code as per a mapped curriculum
  • Real-time report card and feedback system
  • Pre-recorded class videos
  • Choice of teacher
  • Revision classes
  • Post class projects and quizzes, etc.

This one-of-a-kind learning program will be made available through BYJU’S Future School in the US, the UK, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico, and will be available in India at later stages.

Coding and EdTech

Coding for kids is a hot topic and one which is most debated, with coding companies encouraging coding for children and calling it a tool for digital literacy, while critics are calling it an additional burden. But it is for all parents to understand that the real benefit of coding is not that all children will become computer engineers, instead, it can be a fun tool for kids to develop lifelong curiosity, ask and answer questions, let their imagination go wild, and to explore possibilities – the traits that will help any child in nearly any career, in every hobby, and in life.

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