BYJU’S Future School Gamers’ Camp for Kids

BYJU’S Future School, the global expansion of (India’s most-valued start-up and leading online learning platform) BYJU’S has conducted a Gamers’ Camp for kids on June 12th. The gaming camp encouraged kids to use their ideas, creativity, and coding skills to build video games.

All About BYJU’S Future School Gamers’ Camp for Kids:

BYJU’S Future School is a global expansion of BYJU’S that offers kids one-on-one live coding and math classes in US, UK, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico to begin with. The platform recently organized BYJU’S Future School Gamers’ Camp for kids on 12th June. That was a golden opportunity for kids and parents to gain a detailed understanding of gaming as a viable career option. The event had three sessions from 7.30 pm IST (10:00 am EDT) to 10.00 pm IST (12.30 pm EDT).

What was offered at BYJU’S Future School Gaming Camp?  

BYJU’S Future School Gamers’ Camp was exclusively offered to kids who love gaming and coding. The three sessions were hosted by influential people around the world educating children about various aspects of gaming and coding.

  • A Combination of Coding and Gaming with Roblox: The unique workshop hosted by Genevieve Johnson, Senior Instructional Designer, Roblox, was the highlight of BYJU’S Future School Gamers’ Camp. In this session, kids (aged 6+) were allowed to interact with Johnson to learn new skills to build 3D gaming experiences on the exclusive Roblox world alongside playing.
  • Fun Gaming with Playco: Deyan Vitanov, a gaming entrepreneur and current Chief Marketing Officer at Playco had given a sneak peek into the gaming industry. He had interactions with kids, answering their questions about how to make gaming a potential career.
  • Game Master’s League: The event also launched a Game Master’s League for kids through an interactive session by Akshay Shinde, WhiteHat Jr. It aimed to give them exposure to building world-class games.
  • Some lucky students won prizes from various live polls and quizzes among thousands of other participants.

Learning has no limit, and BYJU’s truly believes that. The platform has given excellent opportunities to learners to gain exposure to the world of gaming.  At BYJU’S Future School, kids are being taught to create and build applications simultaneously alongside learning. With this, BYJU’S combines gaming with technical learning to help children develop a passion for mathematics. Special events, such as the gaming camp, help students learn effectively and interact with other young coders.

Did you join the BYJU’S Future School Gamers’ Camp? How did it help you improve your coding skills? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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