BYJU’S Receives Funding from Breakthrough Global Foundation for COVID Initiatives in India

BYJU’S, the leading EdTech of India, has been at the forefront to support students amid the deadly COVID-19 outbreak. In its mission to democratize quality education, BYJU’S has made collective efforts with several like-minded organizations. Recently, the EdTech firm received funding from the Breakthrough Global Foundation for BYJU’S COVID-19 initiatives in India.

BYJU’S Receives Funding from Breakthrough Global Foundation:

On 7th June 2021, the EdTech giant BYJU’S has received a whopping $1 million donation from the culture transformation agency, Breakthrough Global Foundation. The foundation stated that it is proud to support the social cause of the EdTech firm. This funding will be utilised to help children from India’s poor socio-economic background under BYJU’S social initiative “BYJU’S Education for All”.

“From overcoming pandemics to generating growth, India’s – and all of humanity’s – future depends on knowledge. The Breakthrough Global Foundation is proud to support BYJU’S COVID-19 initiative,” (Yuri Milner, Founder of Breakthrough Global)

A Brief about Breakthrough Global:

Breakthrough Global is an organization founded by renowned tech investor and physicist Yuri Milner; it works with businesses to transform and accelerate their business growth. Milner is also the owner of the investment firm DST Global, which is already an existing investor in BYJU’S. With various initiatives, both platforms have been providing global support to combat the COVID-19 virus.

“BYJU’S Education for All” Initiative:

BYJU’S believes that high-quality education is the key to a better future. The objective of the social initiative “BYJU’S Education for All” is to make digital learning accessible to children from underserved communities of India. BYJU’S is aiming to empower 5 million children through its innovative learning programs by the end of 2025. Students from the remote parts of India will receive free study resources and devices with preloaded content under the ‘BYJU’S Give’ initiative to fulfill their educational needs.

Breakthrough Global Foundation

How will funding from Breakthrough Global Help BYJU’S and its mission – “BYJU’S Education for All”?

At a time when learning online is the only option left, BYJU’S has helped over 5 lakh students across the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In an impactful social initiative like this, major funding of $1 million from Breakthrough Global will definitely boost the effort to provide children access to quality education. BYJU’S has promised educational support to students who have lost their families/breadwinners due to COVID.

With these efforts from Breakthrough Global and BYJU’S tech-enabled learning approaches, children from rural areas will get the necessary support to learn effectively and achieve success.

To know more about BYJU’S initiatives to help children, visit here, and here.

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