BYJU’S Magic Workbooks: Best Learning Program for Kids in India

Convincing kids to sit through their classes is, no doubt, one of the toughest challenges of parenthood.

BYJU’S, India #1 EdTech platform understands these challenges and has come up with a hybrid-learning curriculum for children, designed specifically for kids between ages 4 to 8. The all-new BYJU’S Magic Workbooks makes learning fun, interactive, and engaging for your little rockstar, and thus parenting becomes a lot easier.

Continue reading to find out why it could be the best thing for your child’s daily learning program:

BYJU’S Magic Workbooks

About BYJU’S Magic Workbooks Program

The BYJU’S Magic Workbooks program is an all-in-one education solution for toddlers between pre‑kindergarten and 3rd grade.

BYJU’S, India’s most-trusted EdTech, has previously helped thousands of aspirants crack competitive examinations (NEET, JEE, IAS, etc.) with the help of their courses. It also provides a plethora of supplemental study courses up to class 12, for both central and state boards. As of now, their app is being used by more than 10 crore students across the world.

BYJU’S Magic Workbooks – What’s in the Package?

If there’s one thing people love about BYJU’S, it’s their expertise at integrating cutting-edge tech into their study programs to make education twice as fun and engaging. The BYJU’S Magic Workbooks Program meets this expectation and lives up to the brand name by offering loads of amazing features.

OSMO device (a learning platform that create a unique, hands-on learning experience) is included in this program.  The kids get to learn everything from math to vocabulary. The best part is that the kids are guided through the workbook by animated Disney/Pixar icons and characters. Disney characters in this program attract and retain the child’s attention and make them fall in love with learning.

How Do I Register Myself for BYJU’S Magic Workbooks Program?

BYJU’s Magic Workbooks plan supports both iOS and Android devices. Here’s how you can register and get started:

  • Install the official BYJU’s application on your laptop/iOS/Android mobile/tablet and create your user account
  • Once you’ve signed up, you will be required to confirm your email address
  • After completing the previous step, you will receive a 14-day free trial offer to use the app
  • Purchase the workbooks program by clicking on the icon, and enroll your child by filling in their personal and educational details

It’s a plus if you’re an iOS user because some of their premium kits only support certain iPads. However, it shouldn’t prevent android users from enrolling their kids in BYJU’S Magic Workbooks program and encouraging them to fall in love with learning at an early age. To know more about their Magic Workbooks program, visit BYJU’S website.


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