BYJU’S Future School is Not Cheap – But Here’s Why?

BYJU’s has been leading the online education movement for over 10 years now. It recently launched BYJU’S Future School program that offers one-on-one learning for math & coding to kids. Live classes are held online that teach kids important skills like critical thinking, focus, and organization.

BYJU’S Future School – Is it worth the cost?

Well, the teachers at BYJU’S undergo an intensive 5-step process. Kids between 6-18 years are provided with an interface that transforms passive learning to interactive learning because of the features provided in the app. The BYJU’S Future School has been modeled to offer personalized math and coding classes to each kid.

Coding is an exclusive course that teaches kids to build apps; which is facilitated by expert teachers. The math program is built around the concept of storytelling to help students understand real-life applications of the subject. Their programs are designed such that it allows students to learn at their own pace, which is the best part.

There are numerous benefits to the program, such as:

Personalized and Flexible Education: All kids have different methods, ways and languages of learning. These were taken into account while designing the BYJU’S Future School framework. which means a teacher looks over the whole coaching process strongly based on the kid’s learning level and not just the age.

Audio-Visual Learning: BYJU’Suses audio-visual methods for its future school courses. This helps students interact with their environment and gain hands-on experience through online activities. It also helps kids remember information by making the process entertaining and engaging.

Interactive technology: BYJU’S has created a dedicated cloud school and built an infrastructure around it that is child-friendly. This allows the kids to learn and play through experiments, thus shaping critical thinkers for the future.

Benefits and Importance of these Subjects:

BYJU’S Future School offers exclusive courses that enable kids with skills like coding self-driving cars and building 3D simulations of space. The program is modeled to hone skills like grit, patience, and communication among kids.

In the case of mathematics, it is often seen that kids lose interest due to the methods used in conventional teaching. Keeping this in mind, the math course was designed to provide conceptual clarity to students where math is taught with its application in a real-life setting to demonstrate its benefit.

The course enables kids to build and run codes for the satellite to perform tasks. The students are provided with direct access to satellite data, allowed to take pictures of the solar system and interact with industry experts through various events. BYJU’S Future School program also offers music courses for both kids and adults.


The course provides many advanced features including expert-guided coding lessons, which are fairly new to the realm of education as a whole.

So, why wait? Click here to learn more about the course details and enroll today!

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