BYJU’S Conversational AI Will Change the Way Kids Learn

BYJU’S is implementing conversational AI into its virtual educational platform to empower independent learning. BYJU’S, now the most valuable Indian startup and EdTech Company, has been in prominence from its very inception because of its innovative and disruptive efforts to improve the quality of education.

What is BYJU’S Conversational AI?

Conversational AI in general refers to technologies, like voice assistants or chatbots, which possess the ability to communicate with humans. In the case of BYJU’S, the conversational AI communicates with the students and learns as they spend more time on the platform. BYJU’S conversational AI will allow it to process, understand and generate meaningful and natural responses to help students.

How does BYJU’S Conversational AI help students?

Solving doubts: The BYJU’S Conversational AI will be designed to mediate students’ interaction with learning materials (like assignments, notes, exercises, etc.) and/or teachers/mentors. This could help students who are generally shy or hesitant to ask questions directly to a teacher. The AI will provide instant answers to the queries of students. In case the student is not satisfied with the response/answer, the AI will notify the teacher who will be more than happy to clear the doubt.

  • Teaching Assistant: BYJU’S Conversational AI will help teachers understand individual student’s needs by analyzing and gathering data from earlier interactions. It will allow teachers to devise tailor-made lesson plans according to every student’s capability. It also allows teachers to identify the learning gaps, strengths, and weaknesses of the students, and share feedback accordingly.
  • Personalized Learning: BYJU’S Conversational AI will provide more reliable feedback to students. It will conduct immediate quizzes and revision sessions, and not allow students to progress further in the lesson unless they have mastered the concept.
BYJU’S Conversational AI

These are three of the endless possibilities of BYJU’S Conversational AI. BYJU’S is continuously adopting and integrating latest technologies, with the conversational AI BYJU’S will very much aim to provide corrections, actionable feedback, recommendations, and create customized learning paths for students. Apart from this, BYJU’S is also implementing machine learning, computer vision, cloud‑based analytics as well as Augmented and Virtual Reality to its educational infrastructure.

With technology as an enabler, BYJU’S is focusing on developing learning programs to cater to the unique learning needs of every student in India and abroad.

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