BYJU’S Acquires US-Based Reading App Epic!

India’s leading EdTech BYJU’S acquired US-based reading app Epic! for $500 million with a cash and stock deal. With this acquisition, BYJU’S has made its strong foothold in the US EdTech sector. It is also the second-biggest acquisition of BYJU’S this year, followed by Aakash, which was acquired for nearly $1 billion.

A Brief About BYJU’S-Owned ‘Epic!’

Epic! is a popular digital reading platform for kids up to 12 years. Behind this digital library, the vision is to make books easily accessible to kids and inspire them to develop a love for reading. The app has over 40000 popular digital books, audiobooks, and videos to engage

BYJU’S – The EdTech Leader of India:

BYJU’S, the leading EdTech of India, is dedicated to making quality education accessible to everyone in India and abroad. Started in the year 2011, BYJU’S has been offering learning content for the K-12 segment, exam prep courses like CAT, IAS, etc. It also has a foothold in the UAE, Brazil, US, UK, Indonesia with its global launch of BYJU’S Future School, Disney. BYJU’S Early Learn App, and a series of foreign acquisitions.

BYJU’S Acquires US-Based App Epic | How Will This Acquisition Add Value to Online Learning:

Byju’s buys Epic

BYJU’S, the most valued Edtech in India, has its mission to make students fall in love with learning. On the other hand, Epic is dominating the reading space in the US by providing epic reading experiences to kids. Together, BYJU’S and Epic will create engaging and interactive reading and learning environment for children globally.

BYJU’S is a force to reckon with in the K-12 segment and competitive exams like NEET, UPSC, JEE, etc. It has also launched a new learning program called Disney. BYJU’S Early Learn App for students of class 1-3. With Epic by its side, BYJU’S will empower young kids to become life-long learners and bridge the learning gap among kids.

From a business perspective, BYJU’S and Epic’s acquisition will benefit BYJU’S to further strengthen its position in the early learning space in India and overseas.

Regarding the acquisition, Suren Markosian, CEO & Co-founder, Epic, said, “The alignment of our missions and shared passion makes BYJU’S the perfect partner, as we are confident this acquisition will ignite excitement for learning around the world”.

What do you think, will the acquisition of Epic by BYJU’S make students fall in love with reading and learning? Let us know in the comment sections below.

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