BYJU’S Future School in Brazil

Founded in 2011, Bangalore, India, BYJU’S – the world’s largest ed-tech company which is valued at $16.5 billion expanded its operations overseas in the UK, USA, and Australia. Now, the ed-tech company arrives in non-English-speaking markets i.e., Brazil and Mexico to teach programming for the citizens of the future.

While BYJU’S offers both recorded classes and one-to-one teaching sessions in India, it has focused on creating one-to-one teacher and student sessions for children aged 6 to 18 years old in the international markets. The startup has already enrolled 1500 students and 400 teachers. Worldwide, it has 6.5 million paid subscribers with more than 100 million students.

What is BYJU’S Future School in Brazil?

With the help of WhiteHat Jr.’s platform, which BYJU’S acquired in 2019, it is offering coding and mathematics. Subsequently, it plans to include Science, English, Music, and Fine arts. These classes are all conducted online and consist of practical projects where students get to apply the theory learnt; be it in the development of games, websites, or applications. The course curriculum with real-time instructions is designed to generate the ability of problem-solving, creative thinking, and communication. The intent is to make learning fun and engaging for the kids.

The proprietary activity-based course for coding will enable kids to learn concepts while building applications. Whereas, math courses will be taught with the help of a narrative to engage the students and to help them understand the applications of mathematics.

The curriculum can be subscribed on a monthly renewal basis which consists of several credits every month with options starting from BRL 300 or payment can be made in full for the whole course.

The teaching staff will include 11,000 qualified women teachers from India for English-speaking markets and teachers hired locally will cater to non-English speaking markets like Brazil, Mexico, and Indonesia. Currently, BYJU’S has onboarded 300 people in Brazil, and the target is to reach double the size by the end of 2021.

BYJU’S Future School

Byju Raveendran said, “We believe that through technology, we can inspire kids all over the world to fall in love with learning. Our global expansion comes at a critical time as families are actively looking for supplemental learning that encourages their children to be creative and learn by doing”.

Fernando Prado, president of BYJU’S Future School in Brazil quoted, “Our mission is to make young people enjoy learning. We are going to empower children in Brazil so that they can learn, not just for professional matters, but to be trained as citizens and creators with critical thinking for the future.”


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