A Guide to BYJU’S Olympiad Exam Eligibility

NSO is a competitive exam in Science that is organized every year by the Science Olympiad Foundation for students studying in school. Similarly, Mathematics Olympiads are organized by the Mathematics Teachers Association of India (MTAI). With the help of BYJU’S Olympiad Exam Eligibility guide, candidates who are planning to attempt the Science Olympiad exams or the Mathematics Olympiad exams can figure out if they meet the eligibility criteria. NSO Exam stands for National Science Olympiad Exams. It is being arranged to provide the students with a stage to showcase their capabilities in Science at the national level. The selected students get a golden chance to win up to Rs.15,000/- and various other benefits. NSO aims at nurturing scientific reasoning and logical ability in young students with the help of a diligent test while Mathematics Olympiads test the problem-solving ability and skills of students in Mathematics. BYJU’S Olympiad Exam Eligibility could serve as a guide for the students to gain information about Olympiad exam eligibility.

Different Stages of Olympiad eligibility

Students have to qualify different stages to be part of the team that represents India at the International Olympiads. BYJU’S Olympiad Exam Eligibility could provide all information about different stages that are involved to qualify for the Olympiad, may it be for Science or Mathematics.

First Stage – Indian Olympiad Qualifier (IOQ)

The IOQ (excluding IOQM) would be a three hours examination which would be both subjective as well as objective. Paper 1 would have objective-type questions which take one hour and Paper 2 would have subjective questions which take two hours. Only students who clear the cut-off for paper 1, would have the answer sheets checked for paper 2.

Second Stage: Orientation cum Selection Camps (OCSC)

During this stage, the student undergoes some theoretical and experimental sessions and only 35‑40 students all over India compete to qualify for the pre-departure camp. At the camps, orientation is provided to students for the Olympiad level of theoretical, observational and experimental tasks.

Third stage: Pre-departure Camp

Only four to six students that qualify from stage 2 undergo certain rigorous training programs at HBCSE in theory and experiments before their departure to compete at an international level. Some special laboratories have been developed in HBCSE for this purpose. Resource persons in and around the country from different institutions are invited to the training camps

Fourth stage: International Olympiad

The Olympiad program reaches its zenith with the participation of Indian students (4-6 in each subject) in the International Olympics. The students are accompanied by around four teachers or mentors.

BYJU’S Olympiad Exam Eligibility also provides you with details regarding the examination pattern. The paper pattern for IOQ (except IOQM) consists of both objective and subjective questions. Paper 1 would have objective questions while paper 2 has subjective questions. There are cut-off marks and based on that, the students would be eligible for evaluation of paper 2 answer sheets. Their performance in Paper 2 would make them qualify for OCSC (Orientation cum Selection Camp) Negative marking is prevalent and you would gain -1 for an incorrect answer in part 1.

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