Tips & Suggestions Before Purchasing a Second-Hand Four-Wheeler

We’ve all been there – the all-important decision of whether to purchase a second-hand four-wheeler or a new one. A used vehicle can be a great idea to get on the road at a lower price than a new one. However, how can you determine whether everything they described in the online ad is true?

Below you will find tips and suggestions to check when you buy second-hand cars from a private seller or dealership, so your purchase goes smoothly.

Test Drive the Second-Hand Four-Wheeler

One of the most important things to do before purchasing a second-hand four-wheeler is to test drive it. You’ll have to decide if this car is worth buying besides determining if you like this specific model.

Here are sample question tips that might guide you when test driving.

  • Is there any blind spot regarding visibility?
  • Is the car powerful enough for acceleration and cornering?
  • What are the brakes’ responsiveness and predictability?
  • Are all the controls and gauges easy to reach?

You can also check the vehicle’s mechanical condition, listen for unusual noises or vibrations that show worn suspension parts or tires.

Check the legroom and cargo capacity of the back seat after the test drive. Until then, you can turn up the music and see if your phone will connect via Bluetooth.

Inspect The Car

You should still take the car to a mechanic even if you enjoy driving it. You might encounter pushback from some dealers who claim they’ve already inspected the vehicle. It would be best to clarify any doubts about the vehicle’s condition as soon as possible.

Check the Vehicle History Report

Get a vehicle history report unless you’re purchasing the vehicle from a friend or a relative who can verify its history. It’s essential to do this early on. It’s better to find out about the car’s history as soon as possible if it has a bad report.

Getting these reports can provide important information when buying a second-hand four-wheeler. It might include the rolling back of the odometer or if it carries a salvage title, which means they have declared it a total loss by the insurance company.

For this information, you’ll need your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN). Sometimes, you only need the license plate. In most cases, if the vehicle is in the dealer’s inventory, they offer these reports for free.

Check the Paperwork

Be sure you buy second-hand cars from a reputable source by looking at the registration certificate or RC book.

Unless the dealer or brand online offers it, you must verify the information on the registration certificate, including the owner’s name, the engine number, the chassis number, the model, etc. 

Validate the Car Insurance

Ensure your second-hand four-wheeler has a valid PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate; otherwise, you need to get one. Every motor vehicle in India requires a valid PUC certificate, as per the Indian Motor Vehicle Act.

second-hand cars

Reasons to Buy Second-Hand Cars from CARS24

Buying a second-hand four-wheeler from CARS24 will provide you with various advantages. They’ll offer you free test drives, cars that are on sale at CARS24 get checked technically on 140  parameters, they provide you with a vehicle’s history report, and validate the car insurance, they deliver cars home, they take care of all transfer paperwork, they arrange for easy financing options.

If you have decided on buying second-hand care, visit CARS24.  They are the best in the business.

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