The Gold Rush in Used Cars

For car owners in India, buying and selling used cars used to be a big hassle until just a few years ago. For those wishing to sell their used automobiles, an unorganized marketplace filled with greedy brokers, unscientific valuation methods, and above all a genuine lack of trusted transactions made the process problematic. 

Recently, India’s massive market for used cars, however, seems to change. With the increased penetration of the internet and technology-powered services, there’s now some order.

The company – CARS24 stands out as a critical player among new online car marketplaces and has established itself as a top destination for car sellers fast. 

CARS24 offers convenient features that you can explore. There are quite a few features users will find helpful, such as:

  • A search engine will allow you to find the information and data about the cars and the surrounding situations.
  • Users can gain information regarding the sale and purchase of a vehicle from the site
  • By using this service, you can receive email notifications of any new cars available for sale
  • The users can get financial help for their vehicles
  • Quick car deliveries
  • A live chat option for users on every page
  • Video help to enhance reliability
  • Roadside help is also available to the user
  • A Google map will assist the user in finding that location

Buying and selling used cars have become increasingly organized over time and relatively hassle-free these days. Here are the advantages of buying and selling used vehicles at CAR24.

CARS24 used cars

You Buy Certified Used Cars

With each passing second, the automobile industry grows. Used car purchases are no longer fraught with distress. It is as simple as buying a toy at the market. Every used car they sell comes with a complete set of paperwork. They carefully examine every document so that there are no surprises for the new owner.

There is no additional charge for insurance

We cannot overstate the significance of auto insurance. Insurers, however, extract many additional costs with new cars. What is the point of paying more for something that you can enjoy for much less?

The benefits of buying a used car include significant savings and a warranty and certification guarantee. They are also easy to sell. You can sell your vehicle instantly just by visiting their website. 

The Gold Rush in Used Cars

They protect you from depreciation

Many buyers don’t know this. Cars have a depreciation value attached to them. Once you drive your new car out of a showroom, its value goes down immediately! On average, cars depreciate by 25-30% in their first year and another 10-15% in the second year. 

A similar car purchased off the used car market after three years will lose about half the amount if you choose to sell it. A used car had already absorbed the amount of depreciation when its first owner owned it. Isn’t that nice? 


As we’ve seen from above, there’s a great value you can get by buying a used vehicle online. It provides you with the convenience that the traditional methods couldn’t offer. That’s the reason there’s a gold rush in used cars.

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