Convince Parents with 5 Top Reasons to Buy a Used Car

Parents want the best of everything for their children, so they might prefer buying you a new car. So, you’ll need some convincing reasons for them to buy you a used car. A used car not only serves the purpose of transportation but also saves a ton of money. Here are a few reasons that can convince your parents on how a second-hand car is a far better option than a new car.

  • Lower Depreciation Rate: A new car depreciates faster than a used car. When you buy a used car, you are purchasing it at a price where the previous owner has soaked up most of the depreciation. So, when you sell your car in the future, you lose a lot less money on a used car than on a new car.
  • Upgrade to a higher segment: You can buy a used car of a higher segment than a new car of a lower segment within the same budget. Used car websites offer a wide range of choices and models which can meet your requirements. Sometimes, you could even get lucky with add-on accessories installed by the previous owner. The 360-degree view offered by CARS24 allows you to inspect the interiors and the exteriors of the car thoroughly whilst providing a virtual showroom experience.
  • Availability of quick financing schemes on used cars: If budget is an issue, then there are various financing options offered by second-hand car dealers on used cars. CARS24 provides an easy finance option on used cars with lowest monthly EMIs. Instant approval on loans and minimum documentation are some other features you can avail at CARS24.
  • Certified preowned car dealer: Your parents could be reluctant of purchasing a car from a used car dealer because of lack of reliability. But certified preowned car dealers like CARS24, offer 140+ checkpoint inspection on cars, 6 months warranty that protect buyers from unforeseen repairs and maintenance costs and cars that are refurbished by experts.
buy a used car

Avail a test drive: You can test drive a new car for around 15 -20 minutes only under the supervision of a salesperson. But, with certified pre-owned car dealers like CARS24, you can return the car within seven days of purchase and get a 100% refund. Now, you can test drive to your heart’s content.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit CARS24 with your parents now!

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