Cheapest Cars in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

It’s true that a used car will never look or feel like a new car and might even include some repairs in the beginning. But did you know that the value of a new car starts depreciating and it becomes a used car the minute it rolls out of the showroom? And the insurance cost for a new car doesn’t come cheap as well?

The advantage of buying a used car is that you can negotiate its price, be more comfortable in city driving without worrying about scratches or dents, replace it more often, and sell it for the price it was bought at, thanks to lower depreciation costs. Also, these days – certified used car dealers like CARS24 are making it easier for consumers to buy the car of their dreams at a click of a button. If you think that investing in a used car is much more practical than purchasing a new one, then here’s a list of the top 5 cheapest used cars you could own in Coimbatore with CARS24:

Maruti Alto K10:

Known for being one of the most successful models in the Indian market, Maruti Alto has undergone several iterations since its launch in 2000. You know, the Maruti Alto which was brought to India as the first-generation model was in fact a fifth-generation prototype produced by Suzuki. Based on the fuel variant, this 5-seater hatchback which is a good city car offers an ARAI mileage of 19.70 and 26.83. It has a maximum power of 46.3bhp@6200rpm, a maximum torque of 62Nm@3000rpm and is available in 8 different manual petrol and Cng variants. While its ex-showroom price ranges from ₹3.38 lakhs to ₹5.02 lakhs, you could buy an Alto for as low as ₹2.80 lakhs through CARS24.

Honda Brio:

Honda Brio is another compact hatchback that’s great for city drives. In 2011, it was launched as a bubbly addition to the Honda family as an entry-level car meant to capture the emerging markets of India and Thailand. It’s available in 5 different automatic/manual petrol variants offering a mileage that ranges between 16.5 kmpl to 22.0 kmpl with a fuel capacity of 35 liters. It has a maximum torque of 109Nm@4500rpm and a maximum power of 86.8bhp@6000rpm. The ex-showroom price of a Honda Brio ranges between ₹4.73 lakhs to ₹6.88 lakhs but through CARS24 in Coimbatore, you could own a Brio for just ₹4.66 lakhs.

Renault KWID:

Renault KWID was the first car to follow the common module family developed by Nissan and Renault. Also, it’s known for being unconventional in its segment because of its multimedia touchscreen and digital instrument clusters. This 5-seater hatchback is available in various manual/automatic petrol variants offering an ARAI mileage that ranges between 23.01 to 25.17 kmpl, a maximum Torque of 91Nm@4250rpm and a maximum power of 67bhp@5500rpm. The ex-showroom price of KWID in Coimbatore ranges between ₹4.62 lakhs to ₹5.96 lakhs but through CARS24 in Coimbatore, you could own a KWID for just ₹3.35 lakhs.

Ford EcoSport:

The Ford EcoSport was launched when the Indian market had just started booming for compact SUVs. Thanks to the aggressive pricing strategy and the phenomenal response received, it soon became a runaway success. This 5-seater SUV is available in 13 different diesel/petrol manual/automatic variants. Based on the fuel variant, it provides a mileage that ranges between 14.8 kmpl to 23.0 kmpl, has a maximum power of 98.96bhp@3750rpm and a maximum torque of 205Nm@1750-3250rpm. The on-road price of a Ford EcoSport in Coimbatore ranges from ₹9.59 lakhs to ₹14.6 but through CARS24, you could purchase one at just ₹8.21 lakhs.

Maruti Suzuki Swift:

This 5-seater hatchback that promises to provide both space and comfort is a trouble-free car that became the company’s best-selling model after receiving a facelift, new engine, cosmetic changes, and interior improvements. It is available in 13 different automatic/manual petrol/diesel variants offering an ARAI mileage that ranges from 21.21 kmpl to 28.4 kmpl based on fuel variant. It has a fuel capacity of 37 liters, has a maximum power of 74bhp@4000rpm and a maximum torque of 190Nm@2000 rpm. The on-road price of Maruti Swift price starts at ₹6.95 lakh and goes up to ₹ 10.31 lakhs in Coimbatore. But through CARS24 you could purchase one at just ₹4.56 lakhs.

CARS24 Coimbatore is a great place to purchase the cheapest cars because not only do they sell quality cars at affordable prices that are refurbished to look as good as new but also provide additional benefits like a 12-month warranty, quick financing, 7-day return policy, free RC transfer and home delivery. Visit the CARS24 website to test-drive your dream car today!

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