Can you Return a Used Car if it has Problems?

If the used car you have just bought is giving you problems, in most cases you will not be able to return the car. Returning a car largely depends on where you have purchased it. Though buying from a private seller may get you a cheaper car but is riskier than buying from a dealership or online.

When you buy from a dealership or over the internet

Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, you have the right to return the used car if it is of unsatisfactory quality, not fit for the purpose, or as described by the seller within the first 30 days of sale. Unless the seller proves otherwise, the law assumes that the fault was there at the time of the sale. You are then entitled to a repair or replacement or in some cases, you may receive some or all your money back.

Some dealerships like CARS24 have their return policies giving you the benefit to return the used car if you are not satisfied within a specified time frame. Where the return period has expired and the car has developed major mechanical issues but is under a warranty, you can go back to the dealer and get the repairs done.

When you buy from a private seller

When you buy from a private seller, you may not be able to return the car as most of the parts of the Consumer Rights Act do not apply. Once you drive away with the car, you will have to bear with it. That is why you need to ask the necessary questions and be aware of any potential faults before purchasing from a private seller.

If you are planning to buy a used car, CARS24 has a wide range of top-quality cars refurbished by experts and tested with 140 checkpoints.  A detailed description of each car is listed on the CARS24 website to ensure informed buying decisions.

CARS24 Return policy

The return policy of CARS24 makes the whole process of returning the car easier. When you buy a used car from CARS24, you can test-own it for seven days. This way, you can examine the car’s condition and return the car if not satisfied for a full refund within seven days.

Free 6-months warranty

The comprehensive 6-months warranty by CARS24 brings peace of mind as it covers the main parts of the car. You can buy the car of your choice without worrying about unforeseen repair and maintenance costs.

Buyers get the most protection buying from a certified preowned car dealer. You can either return the car within the time frame or get your car repaired in the unlikely event of any issue with the car.

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