9 Easy Steps to Sell Your Car

Why can’t I sell my car? Yes, we’ve all been there. Whether your difficulty lies in seeking potential buyers or getting the right value for your car; selling your used car is not an easy task. So, to make things easier for you – here’s a list of 9 steps you can follow to achieve a quick sale.

  • How to sell: It’s important to decide, if you want to sell your used car directly to the buyer or through a dealer. While selling it privately can fetch you a good value for money, it could be time-consuming. Also, there’s the risk of safety, in case strangers have to visit your home to check out the car. With CARS24 you can sell your used car by booking an appointment for inspection at home or from one of the CARS24 branches.
  • Fixing the Selling Price: You should ensure that you’re being realistic when fixing the price of your used car. It’s ok to quote a little higher than what the buyer is ready to pay – when there are pending warranties. But, overpricing it can only drive away potential buyers. If you choose to sell your car through CARS24, you will definitely get the best price on it.
  • Screen Your Buyers: It’s clever to screen your buyers before investing too much time in talking to pseudo-buyers. Check out their profile and have a telephonic conversation just before you finalize the meet. CARS24 sells your used car through its online auction which includes a large number of authorized buyers. This way you don’t have to meet the buyers nor do you have to worry about getting an unfair price.
  • Refurbish and Service your Car: You don’t have to invest a lot of money, make sure that you at least clean, wax, and polish the car. Because refurbishing can help you fetch a good value on your used car. Peeling paint, dents, or dirty upholstery can leave a negative impression on the buyers. Also get the brakes, tires, and lights checked by the mechanic. CARS24 ensures to fully refurbish your car as good as new before putting it up for sale.
  • Test Drive: It’s natural for a buyer to take a test drive before making the final purchase. During the process, he might have a lot of queries relating to its mileage, accident history (if any), VIN number, and other things. So, it’s important to familiarize yourself with all the information relating to your car.
  • Documents: Ensure that you’ve gathered all the documents that are relevant while selling your car. This includes the registration certificate, insurance policy, etc. CARS24 takes up the responsibility of handling all the necessary documents required to get your RC transferred at free of cost.
  • Analyze Your Car’s Worth: Although your car looks and feels as good as new, it’s important for you to know its worth because it will help you set a reasonable price on it. You can use the CARS24 free tool to evaluate the correct value of your vehicle by simply entering a few basic details of your car.
  • Reach Out To Buyers: Focus on getting a large number of buyers for your car. You can reach out to buyers through trusted used car dealers like CARS24, who offer transparent and hassle-free processes.
  • Seal the Deal: Once the buyer has decided to purchase your used car, close the deal without making unnecessary delays. Also, ensure that you ask for payment upfront. Don’t forget to sign vital documents like title transfer and others.

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