BYJU’s Fees For 2021 – More Affordable than Local Tuitions?

The pandemic completely disrupted the conventional schooling and brought to a halt all academic activities.  The Indian education system was forced to adapt to an e-learning ecosystem. The reasons are many; the social distancing norms made physical classrooms unviable, but the learning had to go on.  E-learning or online learning was the only choice.

While some argue that online learning/coaching is expensive; the counter argument is, if you break down the costs of commute, logistics, scheduling and other factors, the latest BYJU’s fees for 2021 for online coaching appears to be far affordable than local tuitions.

Nobody can put a price tag on comprehensive learning and education. However, the leading Indian EdTech company, BYJU’s offers online coaching in lieu of after-school tuitions at a very affordable price point.

BYJU’s is disrupting the traditional after-school tuition industry.  Not only is it affordable and convenient, the content is engaging and makes you fall in love with learning.

Want to learn more? Continue reading to find out which course is the biggest bang for your buck.

Why Should I Select BYJU’s Online Coaching Courses?

Let’s be honest — isn’t providing the best-in-class online tuitions to their children without spending a lot of money every parent’s ultimate goal today? BYJU’s app-based learning caters to that particular need.

The classes are conducted by some of the highest-rated teachers in India. You will find coaching for any study course you need — beginning from LKG to IIT-JEE — supported by a range of class‑leading study materials. 

They have further upped the levels for online coaching with their exclusive two-teacher advantage feature, which makes BYJU’s fees even more attractive. Here, one teacher leads the online classes by teaching the fundamental concepts. Simultaneously, the other teacher remains active to solve any doubts of the students for a clear, in-depth learning experience.

BYJU’s Study Course vs. Local Tuition Fees Comparison

Here is a comprehensive list of BYJU’s best-selling study courses for 2021:

Maths & Science Courses for CBSE (From class 5 to 10)Rs. 26,000
Maths & Science Courses for ICSE (From class 5 to 10)Rs. 26,000
K10 Maths & Science Courses (From class 5 to 10)Rs. 26,000
Class 1-3 Disney BYJU’s Early Learn CoursesRs. 3,333.3/month

BYJU offers classes 3-4 times every week; students can choose the timings that suits them the best. The table above shows BYJU’s fees is Rs. 26,000 for most courses, i.e., you pay approximately Rs. 2,166 a month to avail of comprehensive, two-teacher advantage learning from the global #1 EdTech company. Do the math yourself — isn’t it a lot more affordable than how much you’re paying at your nearby tuition center?

Is BYJU’s fees for e-learning more affordable than tuition centers? Check out these amazing study course deals for 2021.

Summing It Up

BYJU’s makes learning twice as fun and engaging with their two-teacher advantage. Students can also choose class timings that suit them the best, which raises the bar higher for flexibility. It saves you the hassle of arranging for transportation, managing your individual schedules around you child’s tuition classes, and safety and security issues.  So, what are you waiting for? Click here to check out more about BYJU’s fees and enroll today.

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