9 Advantages of Buying a Used Car Instead of New

The smell of a new car is irresistible to some. Although buying a new vehicle has some advantages, buying a used car has more benefits.

You might be on the prowl for a new ride and not convinced that buying a used car could have several advantages, so here are ten obvious yet overlooked benefits of buying a used car instead of a new one.

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  • No Hidden Dealer Costs When Buying Used Car

Besides the dealer preparation, shipping, and advertising fees, additional costs make the new car dealer. However, a used car will not have these extra costs;  a small documentation fee may apply. It is these monetary savings that will cement your decision to buy a used car from CARS24 in addition to the many other benefits they offer.

  • Low-Cost Insurance

Your car’s value plays a significant role in determining your car insurance rates. Essentially, if your vehicle is more valuable, you’ll pay more to insure it

Usually, when you finance a new car, your lender will demand a specific amount of coverage. The option to forego comprehensive and collision coverage is available if you buy a low-value used car.

  • There Is More Reliability Now

The modern vehicle lasts longer than cars from decades ago. Cars are living longer than ever before, with an average lifespan of over 11 years.

As cars now have a longer lifespan, it is safer to purchase a used car.

  • You Can Test-Own a Used Car 

You’ve probably heard about test driving a vehicle. But have you ever thought of test owning one? Going around the block as the salesperson talks to your ear will not provide helpful information.

In contrast, test owning allows you to purchase a car with the assurance of a full refund when you decide not to keep it. This is what CARS24 Seven Day Money Back Guarantee is all about; you can return the car within 7 days if you choose not to keep it.

  • Environmentally Friendly

During their lifetime, vehicles produce almost a quarter of their total carbon emissions during the manufacturing process and shipment. Buying used cars reduces them.

They also have a more negligible environmental impact than newer, hybrid vehicles. Considering the toxic waste left behind by batteries and acid, hybrid cars have a much more significant environmental impact than used cars.

  • Preventing Depreciation

You should expect your new car’s value to drop immediately in the first few years after purchase. Your new vehicle should lose at least 30% of its value in the first two years of ownership.

This depreciation is unlike a used car where the previous owner took care of the depreciation cost. 

  • Warranty clearances

Suppose your used car is not under warranty. In that case, you can choose to invest in an extended warranty.

It will serve your vehicle on time and by manufacturers’ certified technicians, which is impressive for up to 100,000 miles.  

  • Buying Used Cars Provides More Variety

The number of new cars released every year is plentiful, but far fewer choices than used cars.

Buying a new model means they limit you to the ones released over the past few years.

Advantages of Buying a Used Car Instead of New
  • Availability of Online Support and Reviews

If you purchase a used car, you’ll also be able to find lots of documentation about the vehicle on the web, including YouTube reviews and blog posts on car forums and Facebook groups.

The information offered here can be beneficial for older models and shed light on common problems, fears, and how you can efficiently resolve them.

There are various advantages of buying a used car instead of a new one from CARS24. For example, there are no hidden costs, they have a vast inventory of certified car models that are eco-friendly and reliable.

To top it all, they have a 7-day return guarantee, easy finance options, extended warranties, home delivery of cars, etc.

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