Ranveer Singh in a New Avatar as Host of the Quiz Show “The Big Picture” Presented by BYJU’S

Ranveer Singh’s new avatar marks the rollout of a unique quiz show named “The Big Picture”. The visual‑based quiz show is presented by the leading Edtech firm BYJU’S and is expected to go on-air on the Colors channel in August 2021.

A Brief about the Quiz Show “The Big Picture”:

The Indian version of the quiz show “The Big Picture” is adapted from the Israeli quiz show with the same title that started in the year 2014. Earning huge success in the Middle East and West, it is now all set to make an entry into the Indian TV industry. The Colors channel has acquired the rights to adapt it for the Indian audiences. The first look of the show was out on 3rd July. It presents glimpses of Ranveer Singh’s iconic on-screen roles; a display of the power of perception.

Link for the promo: click here.

The Format of the Quiz Show “The Big Picture”:

The tagline “tasveer se taqdeer tak” says it all. Look at the images (Dekho tasveer), answer correctly (Do jawaab), and win huge money (Jeeton inaam)!

The quiz show “The Big Picture” is a test of the exceptional amalgamation of knowledge and visual memory. Visuals are the new-age tools that people best connect with. Similar to Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), the get-rich-quick game show will have twelve multiple choices of visual-based questions and three lifelines to win millions. Not only the participants, but the interactive format of The Big Picture also allows the viewers to play along and win potential cash from the comfort of their houses.

The Rise of Quiz Shows in India and Education:

The rise of Quiz Shows in India is dated back to the colonial period. However, Neil O’Brien is often identified as the first quiz master of free India, who conducted the first formal well-organized quiz in 1967. Over the years, quizzing has received immense recognition and has become a regular mode of learning. The objective of quizzing is to inspire students to gain knowledge and look beyond textual knowledge.

The E-learning space has adapted this instructional strategy to help students revise, build motivation, track and report what they have learned. BYJU’S, the second most-valued Edtech, is breaking boundaries with its innovative learning technique with gamified video lessons to make learning effective. It has been collaborating with like-minded organizations in revolutionizing education in India and abroad. “The Big Picture” is one of the biggest and differentiated quiz shows that will be backed by the Edtech BYJU’S, after the huge success of the Discovery School Super League. Hosted by the youth icon Ranveer Singh, this new show will surely open endless possibilities for the viewers to learn.

What according to you will the quiz show “The Big Picture” contribute to BYJU’S learning agenda? Let us know in the comments.

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