Piracy & The Kannada Film Industry

A pretty common sight across Karnataka is people watching the latest movie releases on their devices, be it on public transport, college campuses, construction sites, government offices, tea shops, etc.  Unfortunately, this is all pirated content.

There are two ways they get access:

  1. The tech savvy download latest Kannada movies from Torrents and Telegram channels and share.
  2. The other class of viewers just visit their friendly neighborhood mobile shop and, for a very nominal price, they get copies of the movies on their devices.

Piracy is now giving sleepless nights to the Kannada Film Industry! 

While Bollywood has been engaging top antipiracy companies like the Bangalore‑based AiPlex Software Pvt. Ltd. for over 12+ years now, Kannada film industry is waking up now to the “nightmare called piracy.

Arvind Kamath, Director of an offbeat Kannada film “Arishadvarga” had this to say to timesofindia “While you toil for years, invest our own hard-earned money in passion projects because the studios or regular producers seldom want to get away from the formulaic framework, there are thieves out there shamelessly stealing IP from you to make money, more so in the digital world.”

Superstars and lead actors like Shivraj Kumar, Sudeep, Darshan, Duniya Vijay, Yash, Ganesh and many more have voiced their concerns at various forums and also requested fans not to encourage piracy.

Big releases like ‘Pogaru’, ‘Hero’ and ‘Roberrt,’ Salaga, KGF, Kotigobba, Pehlwaan have had to deal with the menace.

Piracy & The Kannada Film Industry

Sa. Ra. Govindu,  Kannada film producer and current President of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has demanded that a separate court be set up to deal with piracy.

The Karnataka Home Department has formed a joint team comprising CCB and cyber police to crack down on piracy in the Kannada film industry.

While all these legislative and enforcement reforms are welcome, it is imperative that the Kannada film industry must utilize techno-legal antipiracy solutions offered by firms like AiPlex.

Movies like KGF, Pehlwaan, Robertt, etc., have utilized antipiracy solutions from different providers and realized the benefits.

It is heartening to note that the Kannada film industry is starting to consider antipiracy as an investment and not an expense.

Manavi Kapur

Manavi is a fun-loving, tech-savvy, lady of the media and you better believe us when we tell you that she can sing! Needless to say, she has done all that with aplomb because some of her articles are highly cited in this niche.

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