Is BYJU’S JEE Free? The Best JEE 2022 Coaching You Should Know About

The JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) 2022 is almost here, and so is the pressure of competition amongst lakhs of engineering aspirants across India. But, here’s some good news – BYJU’S is offering a comprehensive JEE preparation course with an exhaustive set of solutions for JEE aspirants.

The Indian youth isn’t a stranger to the IIT-JEE tests – a highly competitive test that allows the highest rankers to get admission in India’s leading engineering colleges and universities. Especially, if you’re aiming to pursue further studies in the IITs, IISCs, or NITs then cracking the JEEs is your easiest route.

However, it’s not that easy – the JEE curriculum usually covers Physics, Mathematics, Aptitude & Planning, alongside the core 11th and 12th standard syllabus. Preparing for JEE becomes hard for self-studying students – that’s where BYJU’S JEE free trial classes come to the rescue.


About BYJU’S JEE Free Trial Classes

BYJU’S, the highest-ranked EdTech platform in India with over 100 million registered candidates, has launched a free trial workshop for JEE aspirants all over India. Hundreds and thousands of candidates trust this platform for their competitive exam preparations every year – but the real question is: why should you?

Let’s check out the primary benefits of attending this free trial class:

  • Direct 1:1 coaching from some of the leading teachers in India with prior experience in training highly successful JEE and NEET candidates.
  • Highly engaging and interactive BYJU’S JEE learning sessions where concepts are explained with the help of 3D visuals for better understanding.
  • Best-in-class JEE study materials curated by highly experienced professionals for better exam preparations

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For more information Visit: BYJU’s free JEE trial course

Why Should I Opt for BYJU’S JEE Program?

Are you still worried about whether to choose BYJU’S for your Joint Entrance test preparations? Worry not – here’s a list of best features you’ll only find at the BYJU’S JEE course:

All-India JEE Mock Test Series: BYJU’S helps the candidates have a real-time JEE experience through their pan-India mock test series. Class 11 and 12 students across India, be it central or state-level boards, can appear in these mock tests to prepare themselves better and to ace the actual exams with flying colours.

Personalized Revision by Experts: The tablet learning program designed by BYJU’S allows the students to continually evaluate their progress via expert-led revisions. Thanks to this feature, the candidates can take as many classes to understand every concept from the ground up, only at BYJU’S JEE coaching program.

Adaptive Learning Model: BYJU’S adaptive learning style takes the cake, in this case. This platform allows the students to advance themselves preparation-wise with an e-library filled with previous question papers and supplementary study materials.


Fun fact – did you know that BYJU’S is, in fact, the first-ever company from Asia that was funded by the iconic Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative? Hundreds of other such accomplishments attest to the quality of education and learning experience you’ll only get at BYJU’S.

Click here to check out BYJU’S JEE course details and fees.


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