BYJU’S Teachers: Everything You Need To Know

Has choosing the right tutor to help your child with exam preparations become a hassle? A BYJU’S teacher might be just what you need.

BYJU’S has been India’s largest Edtech start-up for over 10 years now that offers the best online education for students. Teachers at BYJU’S are personally handpicked by Byju Raveendran himself ensuring that your kids learn only from the best in their field. Here’s how BYJU’S will change your child’s life:

Why choose online education with BYJU’S?  

BYJU’S offers courses for kids between classes 1-12 for CBSE and CISCE. It also offers premium courses for competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, and IAS. Based on the kid’s learning progress, personalized profiles are created by BYJU’S teachers to help kids learn according to their ability.

The app offers interactive classrooms and audio-visual methods to engage students and to help them remember the material for a long time. It consists of animations, quizzes, and guidance after every exam to help students improve.

BYJU’S also offers 100% paid scholarship to those students who score well in the BNAT exam. The exam is designed for modern education and by the top BYJU’S teachers to test your child’s aptitude in core areas. They also get personalized videos, modules, and counselling to identify their weak points.

The BYJU’S Advantage


The teachers at BYJU’S: Byju Raveendran, Santosh PN, and Aanand  Srinivas are respectively – a serial CAT Topper, a GMAT Topper, and an NLP expert. There are many more of them, and they all bring their own innovative methods to the classroom. All these teachers have been in this profession for years and know exactly how to train students such that they feel confident. They help develop life skills like critical thinking and logical reasoning.

Simulated classroom: All classrooms have a 25-student limit so that every kid gets one-on-one attention. The app also provides an interface for communication between students, whiteboards, and features like “raising a hand” that very much simulate a physical classroom environment. One great aspect is that it’s also suited for low network areas.

Two-teacher advantage: All BYJU’S teachers are assigned in such a way that every classroom gets two teachers – one to provide conceptual clarity and the other to instantly solve doubts. Research by BYJU’S has shown that it leads to brighter results, deeper focus, and richer interactions.

Top-rated production team: The people behind creating all videos, animations, and exams are BYJU’S teachers. They’ve ensured to include leading techniques and creativity in everything that the kids learn. At BYJU’S, education and technology are blended to create courses for long-term progress.


All features offered at BYJU’S are created from scratch in line with its goals in mind. You can be sure that your kid is improving through regular assessment sheets whilst getting an education of the highest international standard.

To know more about BYJU’S teachers, new courses, and deals, click here.


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