How BYJU’S Social Studies Program Will Help K-12 Students?

BYJU’S is India’s No. 1 school learning program for a reason. It offers engaging learning content for kindergarten to 12th standard and competitive exams like IAS, JEE, NEET, etc. In its K-12 segment, BYJU’S has now launched a Social Studies program, in addition to Math and Science.

What is BYJU’S Social Studies Program?

BYJU’S Social Studies program is a step towards giving the best possible content related to Civics, History, and Geography to the school students.

While launching the program, Vinay M.R., Chief Content Officer, BYJU’S, commented, “The BYJU’S Social Studies program is created to help students delve deeper to understand and discover the true value of the subject. We have added facts and figures to make the subject interesting and informative. The aim is to add a whole new dimension to how students learn and approach an important subject like Social Studies.”

BYJU’S Social Studies

How BYJU’S Social Studies Program Will Help Students?

Social Studies is a vast subject with diverse topics, which require equal attention as Math and Science. With its latest inclusion, BYJU’S – The Learning App will help students understand and comprehend the different aspects of the subject.

BYJU’S Social Studies Program is designed in a way that will simplify the theories and concepts of History, Geography, and Civics. 

Study Material: With detailed chapter-wise study resources, students can easily understand and recall the topics in exams.

Social Studies in 3 Divisions: The subject has been divided into 3 parts, Civics, History, and Geography. All the 3 parts will give a detailed knowledge of the subject.

Animated Video Lessons: The real-life examples and storytelling, visualization with 3D images and videos will be useful to identify, and explain the important topics easily.

It’s Free: The lessons are provided free of cost. Download BYJU’S – The Learning App from the Play Store or App Store to access them.

Students often find Social Studies tough because of its theoretical approach, thanks to BYJU’S Social Studies program, it will help students find easy solutions to learn, understand, and perform better in exams.

Do you think BYJU’S Social Studies Program is a good approach to simplify the subject? If yes, then start your learning journey with BYJU’S today! Join

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