BYJU’S HR School for Young HR Professionals

With time, the Indian Edtech BYJU’S keeps on improving and integrating learning solutions to help its learners. It is a reliable companion to many students in conceptualized learning. Recently, BYJU’S has ventured into a new training program called BYJU’S HR School to boost the young HR professionals in their workplace.

A Brief About BYJU’S HR School: The Road to Success

BYJU’S HR School: The Road to Success is a management trainee program for MBA graduates in HR. The objective of this program is to bridge the gap between classroom training and the real‑world. This inclusion will guide young professionals to understand business objectives and identify and solve practical solutions.

About this new program, this is what Nagarajan V, member of the senior leadership team, BYJU’S had to say, “The aim is to help the young HR professionals acquire and develop workplace-ready skills.”

Let’s Have a Quick Overview of the HR Training Program by BYJU’S HR School:

Detailed Training Program: BYJU’S HR School will provide a well-structured 10 weeks training program designed in 5 phases. It will cover assignments, case studies, real-life scenarios, and workshop sessions related to BYJU’S.

Impactful Classroom Training: With 30+ hours of impactful classroom training on functional and behavioral modules, young HR professionals will get a deeper understanding of various aspects of their work.

Shadow Mentoring: To master their skills in the real-life world, young professionals will be trained by experienced Regional HR leaders. Each student will virtually shadow their mentor during the training session. The last five-week of the program will be handled by Senior HR Leaders.

On-the-job Training: Inclusion of workshops and assessments will give a boost to the skills with an actual on-the-job environment.

Project Work & Review Session: Students will be assigned to different project works and assignments to solve real-life issues. The senior HR leaders will give a final review of their work.

HR School for Young HR Professionals

BYJU’S Select Train Hire Model for the HR Professionals:

BYJU’s HR School will follow a ‘train, hire model’ to reward exceptional talents. The HR professionals will have to perform a skill-based assessment test under which they will be rewarded and given the opportunity to work with the team.

BYJU’S, with their BYJU’S HR School, will give a holistic approach to the professional world of Human Resource Management. 

Do you think BYJU’S HR School program will make an impact on HR training and recruitment?  Is it a welcome step?  Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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