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GMAT or The Graduate Management Admission Test is a standardized exam required for admission to graduate business and management programs. This entrance exam tests the skills of candidates and the score obtained is an indicator of whether a candidate is prepared for a B-school or not. Byju’s GMAT Online Coaching Classes offered by CareerLabs help prepare candidates from scratch to achieve their target score.

CareerLabs is founded by the ex-leadership team of Byju’s with a mission to help students kickstart their careers. CareerLabs in exclusive partnership with Byju’s caters to all the career needs of undergraduate students. The GMAT Online Coaching Classes uses a scientifically-designed preparation methodology to strengthen your basics before moving on to more challenging topics.

Features of Byju’s GMAT Services offered by CareerLabs

Byju’s GMAT Services offered by CareerLabs provides a flexible and personalised methodology for effective learning.

Online and offline learning:  Byju’s GMAT Online Coaching Classes uses a flip class model which helps you prepare most effectively. Apart from online classes, you get over 150 hours of video lecturers for verbal and quantitative reasoning.

Practice Questions:  Boost your GMAT preparation with over 3500 practice questions and video solutions and improve your understanding of the concepts.

Industry-leading faculty:  Byju’s GMAT Online coaching classes provide structured preparation taught by industry-leading faculty to help you crack the exam. The faculty uses patented techniques to help you solve questions in the shortest time possible.

Analyze and fix weak areas:  Candidates can access the unique Diagnostic Toolkit Software to find out their mistakes and improve accuracy.

Benefits of Byju’s GMAT Services

Offers flexibility

As most of the candidates are working professionals, Byju’s GMAT Online Coaching Classes provide flexibility to fit into your busy schedule.

Quality content

Get access to quality content designed by GMAT experts that covers everything from basics to high-level concepts. From study material to practice questions and mock tests, Byju’s GMAT Online Coaching Classes focus on the overall preparation of a candidate.

Real-time diagnostics

Fix your weak areas and get real-time guidance with Diagnostic Toolkit Software.

Personalized unlimited mentoring

Mentors provide extensive guidance and mentoring sessions to help clear your doubts.

Test Day experience

Candidates can get the real feel of the exam by taking the mock GMAT tests available in the student portal.

Free GMAT resources on the website

Byju’s GMAT Online Coaching Classes also offer free GMAT resources that candidates can take advantage of. Candidates can access free webinars by top trainers to further strengthen their GMAT preparation. The free resources also cover verbal reasoning topics including reading comprehension, sentence correction, and more.

About Byju’s

Byju’s is an ed-tech company offering highly engaging and personalised learning journeys to students around the world. Byju’s provides coaching for K-12 students and competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, CAT, GRE, and GMAT. Byju’s is focused to ease your learning process assisting you in improving your performance.

Achieve a high GMAT score and secure admission to your dream B-school by enrolling yourself in the best GMAT online coaching.

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