BYJU’s GMAT Online Course in India

For getting admission into top B-schools globally, candidates need to get a good GMAT score. GMAT is a standardized test used to assess candidates’ skills and knowledge vital for success in MBA programs. A higher score will improve your chances of admission in top business schools.

Acing the GMAT exam requires dedication and access to the best resources and techniques to prepare for your exam. Byju’s GMAT Online Course gives candidates the advantage to prepare under the mentorship of top faculty to achieve their target score.

Features of BYJU’s GMAT Services offered by Careerlabs

Comprehensive course coverage

Byju’s GMAT Online Course offers 100 hours of verbal and 50 hours of quant lectures on a tablet to help you prepare effectively. The content covers everything from basics to high-level concepts divided into two phases for easy learning. This enables candidates to strengthen their basics before tackling more challenging topics. 

Proven and patented techniques

The course offers patented tips and tricks to help you get the highest score possible. Strengthen your concepts by learning shortcuts and techniques and get an edge over others.

Diagnostic Tests

Candidates can turn their weaknesses into strengths by making use of the Diagnostic tool kit software. The software highlights areas of weaknesses and provides real-time guidance to fix them.

Practice test questions

Candidates get access to more than 3500 practice questions along with solutions to help measure their progress and stay on track.

Mock GMAT tests

The mock GMAT tests simulate the test-taking experience and are a good way to prepare for your real exam. Byju’s GMAT online course offers 5 mock GMAT tests with video solutions.

Unlimited Mentoring

Byju’s GMAT Online Course provides unlimited mentoring sessions for candidates. The mentors who are subject-matter experts help and guide you ace this prestigious exam.


Learning convenience

Byju’s GMAT online course uses a flexible and personalized methodology for effective learning. As most GMAT candidates are either college students or working professionals, a choice of both online and offline learning gives them learning convenience.

Obtain the highest score possible

Byju’s GMAT online course offers unique learning strategies taught by India’s top faculty to enable candidates to achieve their aim.

Boost your confidence

Cracking the GMAT exam is not easy but following an industry-leading structured prep will boost your confidence to score well in the exam.

Access to practice and mock tests

Practice and mock tests are the best way to prepare for your GMAT preparation. Through these tests, candidates get to know their preparation and can work on their weaker areas.

Free GMAT resources on the website

Byju’s GMAT online course gives you access to the best resources and experts for GMAT exam preparation. The free webinars by top-rated faculty help you learn complex concepts such as solving questions in Sentence correction and Reading comprehension, data sufficiency in Quant, and more.

About Byju’s

Byju’s is an educational technology company that offers a platform for engaging and effective learning solutions for students around the world. Byju’s GMAT Services offered by Careerlabs provides expert coaching and training to help students get placement in various top B-schools globally.

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