Features and Benefits of BYJU’S GMAT Crash Course

BYJU’S GMAT Crash Course is a comprehensive course that prepares you to ace GMAT in a short amount of time. GMAT—also known as the graduate management admission test  — measures your aptitude for math, verbal skills, and analytical writing. Most business schools use it as the preliminary exam for admission to MBA programs.

In this article, you will get an overview of features, benefits, and highlights of BYJU’S GMAT Crash Course. So, let’s dive in.

Features of BYJU’S GMAT Crash Course

Here are the key features of BYJU’S GMAT Crash Course by CareerLabs:

  • It has RC/SC/CR modular content that lets you focus on your weak areas
  • It has a 20-session live online coaching program based on high-level questions
  • Diagnostic Tool Kit — helps you predict where and why you made a mistake to avoid making the same mistake again. BYJU’S provides a combined 190+ hours of preparation that includes mock exams, making it a top-notch program to educate professionals 
  • Personalized learning — You will receive individualized attention from top-notch faculty to help you succeed

Benefits of BYJU’S GMAT Crash Course

There is a lot of emphasis on covering the whole syllabus during BYJU’S GMAT Crash Course in the least amount of time possible. It offers several benefits, including:

  • Quick revision: It gives your efforts a final polish. It helps you go over the entire syllabus right before the exam. 
  • Saves time: If you don’t have time for intensive training, you can consider crash courses. Besides saving you time, they offer insight into all the critical topics. 
  • Mock Tests: Practice is essential to ace GMAT. You will understand the exam pattern and also get an idea on how to effectively manageme your time during the actual exam.
  • Dispelling doubts: You receive personal attention during doubt clearing sessions. If you have inquiries about a topic or any part of the course, you can quickly get them answered.

Besides these benefits, there are two free resources on the website:

  • Reading Comprehension: It’s challenging to understand a passage, answer tricky questions, and figure out demanding answers. The free video resource will show how you will resolve these issues. 
  • Sentence Correction: The GMAT sentence correction question is challenging since you can’t read the answer and pick the best choice that sounds right. It tests more grammar points. Hence, it would help if you were systematic, which this free resource provides.


BYJU’S — India’s ed-tech giant offers a comprehensive GMAT crash course through CareerLabs. To be well‑prepared for the test, you can review the whole BYJU’S GMAT Crash Course. You can brush up on the concepts that you studied. This comprehensive crash course will ensure you learn it all and help you recall everything and help you ace your GMAT.

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