Does BYJU’s Provide GMAT Coaching? Everything You Need to Know About 2022 BYJU’s GMAT Course

Hey, are you wondering whether trusting the all-new BYJU’s GMAT course for your preps is a great idea? You’ve come to the right place; continue reading to find out. 

Why are students and early career professionals so eager to crack the GMAT? Well, it’s one of the most important examinations that allow you to gain admission to some of the biggest business and management institutions across the world and in India. 

Is GMAT Difficult to Crack Without Coaching?

Well, the need for best-in-class coaching to crack the GMAT is increasing day by day. Statistics reveal that it’s a relatively tough exam, where on average, 6% scored 720 or higher. However, more than 2,00,000 students appear for this exam every year, signifying the importance of proper GMAT tutoring to stay ahead of the curve. 

That said, here’s a brief explanation of how BYJU’s GMAT course offers amazing features and resources to help students score 700+ in their GMAT exams:

About BYJU’s CareerLabs GMAT Course 

Currently dominating the Indian ed-tech industry with millions of subscribers, BYJU’s is an Edtech company that caters to all types of classes, education boards, Early Schooling, and prep courses. From central board to state/regional boards, or be it 10th preps or GMAT coaching – BYJU’s has you covered. 

The BYJU’s-Careerlabs has created a one-of-its-kind profile building platform that helps students with graduation/higher studies programs. Their all-new BYJU’s GMAT course is led by the highest-rated faculty (including previous GMAT toppers) and study resources that keep you ahead of the competition. 

BYJU’s GMAT Course Features Explained

Dreaming to gain admission to your dream B-school? Well, it’s time to make it come true with BYJU’s. Here’s a brief list of the core features that make this GMAT course worth every penny:

1. Prepares You like No Other

Starting with the best, the GMAT faculty at BYJU’s consists of some of the most seasoned GMAT experts in the country, including GMAT 700+ scorer P Santosh to guide you to score higher. 

2. Best-In-Class Study Resources

The trending BYJU’s GMAT course is widely appreciated by its subscribers for the amazing educational content they provide without charging a fortune. To be precise, you get 150+ hours of lecture sessions, supported by the best study material and resources that help you revise a lot better.

3. Get the Real Test Experience Beforehand

The original GMAT exams can be a tad intimidating at first; that’s why BYJU’s has a set of 13+ mock test sessions with video solutions for students to have a complete idea of how everything happens. Such intense preps and practice help students think strategically, manage time more efficiently, and appear for the test with higher confidence.


The list of features, as in why BYJU’s GMAT coaching is the best option for management aspirants, is never-ending. If your budget is limited and you still dream of being coached by the best experts, BYJU’s GMAT course is the best choice.

Click here to check out their course fees, admission dates, and other important details.

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