Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn App for UKG

Ed-tech startup-BYJU’S has collaborated with Disney India to provide personalised educational programs for kids aged between 4–8 years, i.e., KG students and students belonging to classes 1-3.

Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn App for UKG enables kids to have a solid head start on their educational journey. The app creates an engaging and interactive learning environment through concept building and it uses multimedia formats to explain and present science concepts that are fun and exciting.

Features of the Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn App For UKG

Recommendation Engine: The engine creates a personalised learning journey by determining which content is most relevant to your child based on their affinity towards subject topics, chapter recency, knowledge profile, proficiency, learning patterns and interests.

Student’s Progress: The app provides a visual representation of the skills acquired and progress made by the child. It gives an insight into the child’s educational journey.

Handwriting Recognition: The OSMO device recognises the child’s handwriting and transfers that information to the mobile app. Since it provides a hands-on experience, it helps improve your child’s motor skills.

Parent-Child Activities: Parents can not only monitor their child’s progress on the app but also actively participate in their learning journey. They can even join in fun everyday activities with their child.

How to Use the Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn App for UKG?

  • Sign up for a FREE product demo.
  • An expert will then contact you to arrange a demo session at your residence or over a video call.
  • You will get to know the product better by participating in the demo session. An expert will demonstrate precisely how the interactive worksheets function.
  • Once your child is enrolled, they will connect with you to walk you through the study plan and get you started with the product.
  • Students can learn from the comfort of their homes with the help of animated video lessons and interactive worksheets.

The Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn App for UKG is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. It can even be downloaded onto the PC but you’ll need an Android emulator.


BYJUS is India’s leading ed-tech company that offers highly customized, interactive, and comprehensive programs for students in Kindergarten. The Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn was launched in June 2019 as part of its ongoing effort to transform the learning experience from offline to online. To offer your child the best learning experience, visit BYJU’S.


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