BYJU’S classes: For UPSC and IAS exams

Civil services are among the most sought-after career options for students and the number of applicants appearing in the competitive exams has doubled in the last few years, i.e., approximately 10 lakh candidates in 2021.

The civil services exam conducted by The Union Public Service Commission checks an aspirant’s knowledge in three different stages: the preliminary examination, main examination, and personality test. A candidates need to prepare for all the stages to fulfill their IAS dreams.

BYJU’S is the world’s most highly-valued Edtech company that offers comprehensive learning programs to crack these competitive exams. In fact, itsIAS program has gained popularity among millions of aspirants in the country. The program is taught by dedicated and highly knowledgeable IAS faculty who use the latest innovations in digital learning to enable students to learn at their convenience.

How are BYJU’S Classes beneficial for UPSC and IAS exams?

The BYJU’S IAS online classroom program allows aspirants to access live classes through a complimentary tablet that is preloaded with video lessons. The high-quality video lectures by India’s best IAS trainers help students prepare for the examination thoroughly.

BYJU’S IAS program provides personalized mentoring and study plans for each student, thus allowing them to study at their own pace. Since current affairs are so vast and an integral part of the examination, the students are provided with analyzed and dissected daily news to make their learning journey easier. Further, let’s check out some other features in detail:


Features of BYJU’S Tablet and Regular Program for IAS and UPSC

Comprehensive study material: All the topics related to the IAS syllabus are curated and presented by expert faculty and subject-matter experts.

Test series: The mock test series provides students to get a real feel of the IAS exam and help them evaluate and improve their performance.

Interview preparation: Mock interviews with the help of retired/serving bureaucrats and interview guidance from a highly experienced panel helps students in preparing for the personality interview.

Access to the student portal: BYJU’S IAS Student portal allows students to access monthly magazines covering current affairs and recorded webinars sessions.


The comprehensive syllabus of the IAS exam makes it one of the toughest examinations in the country. It includes subjects such as History, Geography, Constitution, International relations, Indian Economy, Agriculture, and many more. Both, BYJU’S tablet and the regular program offer complete coverage of the vast UPSC syllabus. The live classes, 500+ hours of preloaded video content, current affairs analysis, and all-India test series provides well-researched content in easily-digestible modules to help aspirants achieve their dreams.

BYJU’S focuses on making learning visual and contextual to help students gain a better understanding leading to a higher success rate. Make BYJU’S a part of your IAS preparation journey; visit their website for more information.


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