Careers After Graduation

Now that you have finished your graduation! What next? 

You are undecided, should I pursue studies or should I get into jobs?  That is a decision you would make based on your situation.

Let me share with you some career options. Maybe in the next article, we will talk about study options.

Careers in the Government Sector

These are the most sought-after jobs because of the stability, social status, and power these jobs offer. However, awareness about career options in the government sector is low amongst students.

The union and state public service commission conduct various exams for administrative posts at all levels, i.e., clerical posts way up to group A officers including posts in the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Career Options after Graduation

You will find all the details and exam schedules below:

A Good Source of Information

BYJU’s have collated all the information that you would require to prepare for these exams. State Public Service Commission (PSC) Exams In India
UPSC Posts – Types of Civil Services

Best Career Options after Graduation

IT Industry: IT Industry offers lucrative career options as programmers, testers, business analysts, system analysts, network engineers, UX designers, database administrators, IT security specialists, product managers, etc. Preferably an engineering degree, Bachelors of Science, Computer Science, etc.

Banking Sector: It is one of the biggest employers (both public & private) in India and offers opportunities at various levels: cashiers, customer service, IT, officers, auditors, loan specialists, operations managers, branch managers, fraud prevention, etc. Preferably, a BCom, BSc, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Management or Engineering background.

Sales and Marketing: Sales and Marketing is a challenging but highly lucrative career option. This is an industry where you decide the paycheck based on your ability.

Digital Marketing: This is an industry with the highest potential for well-paying jobs for years to come. It offers roles such as search engine optimization specialist, digital marketing managers, paid campaign manager, social media marketing managers, affiliate marketing managers, etc.

Finance: In a growing economy, there is an immense demand for finance professionals like chartered accountants, company secretaries, finance managers, executives, etc. This is a sunshine industry that offers well-paying jobs.

Human Resources: Organisations need skilled personnel to manage their most valuable resource (human resource) with roles such as training managers, recruitment managers, learning and development managers, etc.

Careers in the Government Sector

These are some of the different career options.  There are various offline and online courses that train in these specialized sectors. Choose and pursue the one that interests you. 

In my next article, I will write about different courses that you could take up after graduation. Wish you the very best!

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